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StarForce Android Protection

StarForce Android Protection

Professional solution to protect Android applications against analysis, hacking, illegal distribution and use. The solution includes a DRM system, which allows to control distribution and collect activation statistics.

Developers launch new paid Android applications every day and expect to receive revenue in the long term. But they can be disappointed. In contrast to the Apple's technologies, Android allows to install .APK files not only from the official app stores such as Google Play, but also by downloading them from forums or websites. The most popular paid applications are hacked and uploaded into the net. For this reason, the developer does not get any penny from the installation of his/her products on user devices.

Protection for Android application from hacking prevents its uncontrolled spread in the Internet. APK files (exactly as EXE and DLL) can be protected against modification and decompilation.

StarForce Android Protection allows to protect a software application designed for Android OS from illegal distribution by binding it to the configuration of a user device.

Built-in DRM system is designed to monitor application activations in real time. It allows to offer time limited licenses (one year license), and also collects usage statistics for various parameters.

The solution can be installed via the Internet from the customer workplace using the Protection Studio program, which is available for free.
code protection High-tech application code protection.
flexible binding mechanisms Reliable and flexible binding mechanisms.
deployment of protection Quick deployment of protection via the Internet from the customer's workplace.
Personal account Personal account to manage serial numbers and collect sales statistics.
distribution policy A possibility to change distribution policy of protected applications.
geography of distribution A possibility to define geography of distribution.

Protection against unauthorized use

Protection against unauthorized use

StarForce Android Protection protects mobile applications with binding to the configuration of a mobile device. It means that the program cannot be run on a device which differs from the one that stored in the system protection database. The number of activations available for user are defined by the developer's licensing.

Protection against hacking

Protection against hacking

To hack the program, you should analyze its code. StarForce Android Protection uses obfuscation, integrity checking and other methods of protection to prevent a successful decompilation and modification of the code of mobile applications. With access to the source code, a hacker can make any changes to the application, including insertion of a malicious code.

Protection against Lucky Patcher

Protection against Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a utility that allows to remove advertising and license restrictions from the application. StarForce Android Protection protects mobile applications from such "improvements" and allows to save the program code and restrictions in integrality.

Protection against emulation

Protection against emulation of in-app purchasing

Everybody wants to get for free things that usually cost money. For example, mobile games offer to buy a variety of resources and artefacts to make a gameplay more interesting. Due to third-party utilities, the player can make such purchases for free. Protection for games against hacking and modification can be carried out by StarForce Android Protection. After the installation of protection, games and other applications will be protected from any unauthorized intervention.

StarForce Mobile implementation graph

StarForce Android Protection provides protection for Android modules written in Java.

Supported operating systems to implement protection:

  • Windows Vista 32/64-bit.
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit.
  • Windows 8 32/64-bit.
  • Windows 10 32/64-bit.
  • Mac and Linux using Wine.
  • Windows Server 32/64-bit.

Internet connection (broadband recommended) for implementation of protection is required.

Protection of commercial bulk emails
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