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An open letter from Alexander Alexeevich Skvortsov, CEO "Transnavicom" Company

Transnavicom Company is the largest Ukrainian developer of reference and geographic information systems issued on compact discs and marketed under the «Electronic business maps» brand. The company employs innovative geoinformation technologies in development of electronic maps.

The company released the first version of the «Electronic business map of Kiev» program in 2001. That and other programs of that series featured licensed maps with periodically issued updates. Improved performance, new features, such as calculation of shortest automobile route, information on public transport, and affordable price made the program a leader on a regional market of electronic geographic information systems.

However, this popularity also resulted in appearance of pirated copies on the market, which made the company start loosing its profit and financial basis for further development. The release of «Electronic business maps» of Ukraine, Crimea, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk led to increased pirate activity.

Starting from year 2004, Transnavicom Company started protecting its products with the FrontLine Disc system. Along with protection, the program since then obtained a newly developed kernel and integrated new features that could not be added before. Shortly after that, the maps protected by the StarForce protection were issued under the «Electronic business map» brand for the following cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Moscow region, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov, Ukraine, Crimea and other regions.

Since year 2005, the company implemented the StarForce ProActive protection system that allowed legitimate users to work with the application without using the compact disks. That version of «Electronic business maps» protected by StarForce ProActive was highly appreciated by mobile users and corporate customers who had no CD-ROM drives in their workstations or laptops and/or needed to work with the application over a network.

The use of StarForce ProActive also enabled the development of TNC-Notebook – navigation systems based on GPS positioning. These programs allow to pinpoint the location of objects on a detailed electronic map within 32,81 feet (10 meters) accuracy, calculate the shortest automobile route with taking road signs into account, and the «Voice Navigator» system can inform of forthcoming turns and deviations from the selected route, street names and vehicle speed.

The release of “Satellite Map of Kiev” in 2005 has been the most notable event in the history of collaboration with the Protection Technology Company. This is a revolutionary product that has no analogs: the program is based on the popular “Electronic business map” technology and high resolution photos retrieved from the QuickBird satellite. The spatial resolution – 2 feet (60 centimeters) per pixel – allows viewing all buildings, slightest street curves, cars on the roads, road marking elements, and even crowds on the city squares. The program provides multilevel zooming, scrolling without rendering latency, street and building finder, display of information on objects and distance measurement. All these features are available without additional payment and they do not require Internet connection.

We decided to use the time-tested and proven to be efficient StarForce Professional 3.0 protection for the “Satellite Map” release as well.

We at Transnavicom hope for further collaboration with Protection Technology and wish your company to succeed in developing new ideas and to prosper in the New Year 2006.

With best regards,
Transnavicom, CEO Alexander Alexeevich Skvortsov


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