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Video and audio copy protection

Video and audio protection against unauthorized viewing and illegal distribution

User generated content (audio and video) is part of a very common type of information business today. The main threat to this business is the uncontrolled distribution of such materials over the network. Authors and publishers always try to use audio and video protection.

We can protect all your works

Protection of educational materials Educational materials. Educational multimedia courses, recordings of trainings, seminars, webinars and so on.
Protection of materials for corporate use Materials for corporate use. Recordings of corporate events (trainings, festivals, awards, parties, etc.).
Protection of and copyrighted materials. Personal and copyrighted materials. Home audio/video archives, personal portfolios, presentations of research papers and so on.
Protection of video Materials for free distribution. Commercials materials with scientific and cognitive content, handouts for exhibitions (conferences, round tables).
Protection of audio books Audio books.
Protection of DVD movies Movies. Video files in DVD-Video format.

By its very nature, such information is extremely vulnerable to copying and unauthorized distribution. Video and audio protection helps to save this information from piracy.

StarForce Technologies has developed several solutions for video and audio file protection. With us you can significantly reduce losses from piracy and leaks, protect the authorship of created works, as well as track their distribution in real time.

Video copy protection
DVD copy protection

Protection of video and audio files

intended for distribution on any media and via the Internet

video security

StarForce provides realible solution for video copy protection with binding to PCs, CD/DVD discs, and USB drives.

Our solutions neutralize

Unauthorized use of your works. Illegal distribution.
Sharing of purchased files by customers. Screen capturing, grabbing and broadcasting.
Leaks of confidential information/intellectual property in free access.

Audio/video files protected with StarForce can be played by StarForce Player, a free multimedia player that is available for Windows and macOS.


We provide you several options for video copy protection

1 Protection via the SFContent.com website without the need to send your materials to us (end user device binding only).
2 Protection via the Protection Studio application with an opportunity to customize graphical user interface for distribution on CD, DVD, USB, and via Internet.
3 Protection "on a turn-key basis" performed by the StarForce specialists.

document drm   More information about video copy protection

Protection of DVD-Video files

to playback on players and other multimedia devices

video security

Pirates always paid special attention to movies on DVD. After the initial release of a motion picture, film studios usually produce licensed copies of the movie on optical discs. It often doesn’t take long for the pirate community to make it available for free download.

We offer DVD video protection against illegal distribution via the Internet and physical replication through our partner.

If you want to know more about DVD-Video protection, please contact our sales specialist or fill an application below.

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We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for Android
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for iOS
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for macOS
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for Windows
Copy protection of audios and videos for Apple macOS
Data protection on USB