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StarForce high-tech solutions can protect confidential documents, leaving the perimeter of the bank's information system and software installed on payment terminals - range of applications for StarForce products in the banking sector is extremely wide.

StarForce products neutralize the following threats:

  • Unauthorized access to documents, e-mails and multimedia materials.
  • Software analysis with the aim of hacking and reverse-engineering.
  • Fraud in RBS.
  • Unauthorized copying of the software developed by the bank.
  • Uncontrolled distribution of documents, multimedia materials and programs that fall outside the bank's information system.

Protection technologies for banking sector:

  • Code obfuscation. Obfuscator converts source or executable program code to the form when its functionality is saved, but it is dramatically hard to analyze and understand the algorithms when they are decompiled.
  • The technology of virtual machine moves a piece of executable code in a closed, well-protected container.
  • Encryption of static and dynamic data in software is used to prevent leak of personal data of customers, billing data, etc.
  • Client-server traffic encryption is used to prevent man-in-the-middle attack when there is data interception in the communication channel between the ATM and the bank server.
  • Other technologies.


StarForce specialists possess unique expertise that allows to integrate StarForce solutions with various information systems of the bank in a short time.

StarForce Benefits:

  • High level of hack-resistance.
  • Unique achievements in the field of digital information protection, confirmed by patents and licenses.
  • Development is carried out by an international company with affiliates all over the world;
  • The solutions are fully customizable.
  • Partnerships with SafenSoft, a company that develops antivirus software for banks in 16 countries.
  • Extended all day round technical support.


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We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for macOS
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