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StarForce Technology specializes on game protection. We have been protecting games since 2000 and are not going to stop. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, AAA-class game published by Ubisoft and protected by StarForce resisted to hacking for 422 consecutive days. This unofficial world record is still held by StarForce Technologies.

StarForce Technologies has extensive experience and expertise to create customized solutions to protect games that are distributed via the Internet, Steam platform and any other way. Currently, we make a special emphasis on the development of protection for massively multiplayer online games (MMOG).

StarForce products neutralize the following threats:

  • analysis and reverse engineering;
  • unauthorized copying and distribution (piracy);
  • violation of the license agreement;
  • use of cheats, bots and other fraudulent practices (MMOG);
  • interception and modification of traffic between the server and the client (MMOG);
  • spoofing of the game server (MMOG);
  • spoofing of the game client (MMOG).

StarForce Technology is continuously working on improving its solutions in the field of game protection, increasing the level of hack-resistance and expanding the number of supported features.

StarForce Services:

  • Software protection can be performed by StarForce engineers with or without source code modification.
  • Advising on various aspects of protection to cover the entire life cycle of the game.
  • Consulting in the questions of resistance to hacking, code analysis, unauthorised use and other illegal activity.
  • Design of customized solutions to meet individual client’s needs.
  • Adjustment of StarForce products to suit specific requirements in game distribution.
  • Integration and deployment of StarForce solutions on the customer’s site (for clients who have purchased custom StarForce protection and/or activation systems).
  • Consulting and training the customer’s technical specialists.

StarForce Benefits:

  • High level of hack-resistance: besides SplinterCell: ChaosTheory, there was DCS Black Shark, a game published by Eagle Dynamics on December 11, 2008. It was hacked only on July 14, 2010. The game was protected by StarForce ProActive.
  • Steam integration with no need to change the game's source code.
  • StarForce Technologies has extensive experience in the field of game protection.
  • Protection of any game including MMOG.
  • The solutions are fully customizable.
  • Extended all day round technical support.



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