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Information security for enterprise customers

StarForce Technologies has a number of products in its portfolio designed to protect corporate documents and multimedia materials. Using them as a basis, StarForce specialists are ready to offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of enterprise customers.

StarForce products neutralize the following threats:

  • Unauthorized access to documents and multimedia materials.
  • Unauthorized copying and distribution of enterprise information.
  • Recipient's dishonest actions with confidential documents and materials (e.g., transfer to third parties).

Protection is provided for the following types of digital information:

  • non-editable documents in PDF, XLS/XLSX, DOC/DOCX, RTF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, and GIF;
  • PPT/PPTX presentations in demonstration mode;
  • audio and video files;
  • HTML files;
  • software.


StarForce specialists possess unique expertise that allows to integrate StarForce solutions with various information systems of the enterprise. The following directions of integration works can be distinguished:

  • integration with enterprise infrastructure (domain);
  • integration with DLP systems;
  • integration with electronic workflow;
  • integration with mail server;
  • integration with ERP and other systems.

StarForce Benefits:

  • High level of hack-resistance.
  • Unique achievements in the field of digital information protection, confirmed by patents and licenses.
  • Development is carried out by an international company with affiliates all over the world.
  • The solutions are fully customizable.
  • Extended all day round technical support.

Case Studies

Russian Railways, JSC (RZD) is one of three largest transport companies in the world.

The total number of employees is about 1 million people.

Problem: The need to protect documents distributed by email or on USB sticks against unauthorized access and copying.

Solution: StarForce Content Enterprise is used to protect documents distributed outside the perimeter of the company's information system.

At the first stage, this solution has been implemented for the Personnel Development Department. Russian Railways' educational program includes confidential data that is part of the company's intellectual property. StarForce Content protects documents and controls their distribution via a special web interface designed according to up-to-date requirements. The system administrator can limit the access time to protected documents, the number of activations, printing option and can customize other settings for a designated user.

Thanks to StarForce Content Enterprise, RZD's employees got the opportunity of e-learning. It significantly reduced the travel expenses for the company and now Russian Railways can conduct its trainings on-the-job.

At the second stage, Russian Railways plans to introduce several groups of users that can receive documents of a certain type:

  • Interaction with branches;
  • Interaction with contractors;
  • Financial documents;
  • Training and educational materials;
  • Etc.

Result: Russian Railways got a reliable solution for document protection that allows users to get materials on any media or over the Internet. It also ensures that communicated information is used as intended. As a result, the company was able to reduce operating costs for training and provide branches and other contractors a variety of information, including confidential, without fear of leak.

SUN InBev, a Russian division of AB InBev, the world's largest brewing corporation. The company with a capital turnover of more than 8.5 billion euros per year. The total number of employees is 6832 people.

Problem: to increase the operational efficiency, the company developed special book with sales standards that was circulated among employees in hard copy. Since this book is the subject of intellectual property of the corporation and contains trade secrets, the SAN InBev’s leadership decided to protect the document. The printed version of the book did not provide confidence in the preservation of sensitive data, so it was decided to use an electronic version of the document protected from copying and unauthorized viewing.

Solution: StarForce Solutions are used to protect electronic documents distributed both inside and outside the perimeter of the company's information system. They allow only authorized employees to have access to the protected document in the office or outside it, anywhere without the risk of leak of the document to third parties. It provides protection for internal documentation, as well as, if it necessary, allows to control its spread while sending via the Internet.

Sun InBev has been using StarForce solutions to protect electronic documents since 2012 and plans to continue the fruitful cooperation in the future.

Result: SAN InBev has obtained a reliable solution for protecting sensitive electronic documents. Now the Department of Sales has an opportunity to distribute protected materials quickly and safely to the company's employees located in different cities and countries. Also, StarForce solution provides environmental improvement and helps to reduce the costs for printing and delivery of documents due to eliminating the paper copies.


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