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StarForce Technologies is ready to perform custom software development connected with digital information protection against hacking and uncontrolled distribution.

Key benefits of StarForce Technologies

Copy protection StarForce owns technologies to prevent copying and piracy for different types of digital information: electronic documents, books, audio and video files, emails, software, applications, and executable files.
Obfuscation Our exclusive obfuscation technology protects software against analysis and reverse engineering. This technology is suitable for Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux operation systems.
Protection of information The projects are carefully planned according to PMBOK standards.
Data security Guaranteed level of quality for custom software development.
Software protection Cost-effectiveness.

Our customers of exclusive solutions

Wargaming Riot Games Elar

Completed projects

The National Electronic Library

book copy protection

The National Electronic Library (NEL) is an online service where you can find and read books and other works which are described, catalogued and copy protected. The NEL contains 1.6 million copies (books, theses, abstracts), and 26.9 million records in the catalog.

The objective of the project

To prevent partial or full copying and distribution of the books which are under valid copyright.

The participants of the project

Sponsor Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (www.mkrf.ru)
Sponsor Elar (www.elar.ru)

StarForce Technologies was invited as the leading expert in digital content protection against unauthorized use and distribution.

The project milestones

In the first stage, the main subtasks of the project were identified:

1 To provide user authorization.
2 To develop a special application for user devices that can protect content against a number of threats.
3 To ensure correct work of the server that makes the books available for viewing.
4 To protect the internet connection between the client and the server to prevent interception of digital information and possible replacement of the server with a clone.

The most challenging part of the project was the development of a viewer application which is capable to protect books and scientific works against unauthorized distribution.

Requirements to the viewer application

Cross Platform High level of tamper resistance Convenient navigation
Support of additional features: search, bookmarks, comments, etc Protection against screen capturing Speedy content download

The architecture was defined and main requirements were collected so we started the second stage. The development of viewer applications for different platforms and authorization mechanisms were the main tasks for this period. The prototype of the system was demonstrated to Dmitry Medvedev, the chairman of the Russian government, on 13 January 2015. The chairman had a chance to browse the online library on a tablet, using his new reader's login and password.

The third stage included works with library servers, protection of internet connection and extension the features of the viewer applications.

The project was commissioned in April 2015.

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We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for Android
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for iOS
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for macOS
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for Windows
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