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In order to distribute books and other printed materials in electronic form, publishers need a flexible and reliable system for digital rights management - DRM. StarForce Technologies has developed its own DRM, which can be integrated with any website or content delivery platform.

StarForce products neutralize the following threats:

  • unauthorized copying;
  • pirate distribution;
  • unauthorized printing;
  • screen capturing.

DRM Features:

  • An ability to track sales statistics and analyze the results.
  • Flexible settings allow to distinguish the levels of access, for example, to provide users with a time-limited access to the content for demonstration purposes.
  • StarForce DRM provides monitoring of partners and third-party distributors.


StarForce specialists possess unique expertise that allows them to integrate StarForce solutions with various information and payment systems in a short time.

StarForce Benefits:

  • High level of hack-resistance.
  • Unique digital right management system (DRM) that provides flexible access settings and statistics collection.
  • Support the most distribution channels: optical media (discs), Internet (e-commerce), flash cards, email.
  • The solutions are fully customizable.
  • Extended all day round technical support.