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Software protection and anti-cheat for games

against copying, piracy and illegal use

Copy protection is a system of measures aimed at countering unauthorized duplication of information, usually presented in electronic form. What methods of copy protection are used? It can be organizational, legal, software or hardware protection.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) reports that the worldwide piracy level rose by 42% in 2014. This indicates that, without certain protection measures, companies risk losing between 20% and 80% of their income depending on the area of the world in which they operate. Software protection is in high demand.

Software protection
Game protection

In case of software protection, StarForce provides professional and effective tools to combat the following threats:

Protection against commercial replication and piracy Commercial replication and piracy
Protection against illegal software distribution Illegal software distribution
Protection against breach of license Breach of license (expiration time, number of user licenses, etc.)
Protection against analysis Haking, reverse engineering and modification

StarForce copy protection products provide reliable protection forthen application source code against reverse engineering and cracking. For copying prevention, StarForce uses the technology of binding to a personal computer, a server, a disk, or a USB flash drive. Comprehensive licensing system is also embedded into applications to create various sales models and to control distribution. Software protection is what you need for your products.

Software protection

Copy protection of applications

Copy protection of applications for corporate and local networks

Copy protection of applications for corporate and local networks

Monitoring the number of applications running on a corporate or other local network helps to prevent applications from being run by more than a preset number of users. Programms with StarForce software protection are activated on and bound to a local network server.

Product: StarForce ProActive for Business

Copy protection of business applications for private and corporate use

Copy protection of business applications for private and corporate use

Protection prevents the illegal use and increases the right holder's income. Program functionality can be controlled using only one distributive. The functionality depends on serial number parameters set by the client. It is also possible to implement various licensing policies and to track installation package.

Product: StarForce ProActive

Game protection – Steam integration

Game protection from hackers and piracy

StarForce Technologies offers copy protection for the games to be sold via Steam, the most popular online game platform. We also provide anti-cheats for games.

Computer games protection

Video game protection against piracy, for personal computers

Piracy is one of today’s key threats for the global computer game industry. The recent development of broadband connections has stimulated an uncontrolled exchange of online content. For that reason reliable software copy protection and powerful licensing technologies have become the must-have solutions for any multimedia and game application developer. They allow the implementation of a licensing policy to track the distribution of the software.

To prevent cheating, developers and players use anti-cheats. It means programs that monitor and block the attempts to influence a game in unfair ways (not provided for the developers). Games protection industry is rapidly developing now.


StarForce ProActive with PC binding

StarForce Disc with CD/DVD binding

StarForce Universal supports both PC and CD/DVD binding

Protection of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG and MMORPG protection)

Protection of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG and MMORPG) against cheats and bots

This is a suite of security features to protect MMOG from cheats, hacks and bots. Games protection in action!

It is no secret that MMOGs are becoming the first priority products for the entire computer game industry. New MMOG releases appear more often than ever before and copyright owners eagerly anticipate the commercial success of their new game products. However, malignant pieces of software such as game bots, hacks and cheats can undermine consumer interest in new game releases which leads to lower revenues for the game product developers. We designed an innovative anti-cheat product that helps the gamers to play with comfort and the developers to earn more money.

Product: StarForce MMOG

Copy protection features:

Modules are encrypted.
The code of internal functions is protected.
The calls of imported functions are protected.
Internal variables are protected.
Application data files are hidden.
Protection from running the applications under debuggers (the feature works for both user and system levels).
Protection from running the applications on virtual machines.
Protection from running the applications through remote terminal sessions (protection from remote access).
Level of binding to computer hardware can be customized.
Applications can be protected automatically (no functions are selected).
The integrity of the file is checked constantly.
A unique protection core for each file. (If the same file is protected in different sessions, the results differ. This prevents hackers from creating a template for file hacking because each time, they have to start all over again.)
More than 16 GUI languages are supported.
Dialog boxes can be customized.
A custom user interface can be developed.

Exclusive copy protection features include:

Automatically Add Activations (AAA) technology (allows licensed users to invoke unused activations at any time).
Editing the serial numbers allows the developers change the parameters of serial numbers after generation.
Deactivation allows licensed users to move protected software between multiple computers.

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