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Novitas Publishing GmbH

Located in Braunschweig, Novitas Publishing GmbH is one of the well-known software developers and publishers in Germany. The range of its products is more than 3000 items.

Big German companies such as Media Markt, Karstadt and Saturn are among the regular customers of Novitas.

Kerstin Hannemann is the General Manager since 1997. The company has created a unique, future-focused business team since that time. Novitas attained success very quickly. The company has sold more than four million software copies to date. This has won the company various prizes in computer industry, including German prize for developers, as well as a nomination to national software prize for the ‘Crazy Machines’ game for children.

Starting from 2004, Novitas is the subsidiary company of Aktronic Software & Services GmbH. The business merger allowed creating the basis for steady development. Today the main task of the company is the development of national and international markets.

Novitas is the client of StarForce Technologies for several years already. Selling software via the Internet required a reliable method of distribution.

StarForce ProActive copy protection allows us to protect our downloadable product versions against illegal copying in the best way. The system requires no special skill to integrate protection and allows us to protect selected files of a program thus optimizing the protection implementation. The activation of the protected program has nothing difficult which is acknowledged and approved by a client. An additional feature allowing the product activation via the StarForce server or even by fax is very convenient. A possibility to recheck each of the activations of a Serial Number via the StarForce Server provides the maximum transparency of performance.

During the two years of cooperation with StarForce no significant problems occurred. If some end user had problems with activation, it was instantly determined that the user made a mistake when entering a Serial Number in 99% of cases.

StarForce customer support deserves special praise. The customer support service is notable for its quick reply and help during the protection system integration.

All this supplements the service package provided by StarForce and makes it complete.

Oliver Junghans, product manager


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