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The Sentyabr publishing company

The "Sentyabr" ("September") publishing company issues polygraphic and electronic production meant for educational management. The company started operating by issuing the "School director" ("Director shkoly") magazine. Three more editions for the same audience were released later. Today people in every Russian region and some neighboring countries are subscribed to our polygraphic production. More than one third of directors of Russian schools have our production on their work tables.

Since 1997, "Sentyabr" has been working on electronic products. The first success of the company was the issue of electronic database of Russian educational legislation, the "Orientir" software complex. The first e-archive of the "Director shkoly" magazine was issued in 2001. The development of electronic educational courses for distance education/further training of educational institution administrators has begun in 2002. The company started issuing the electronic encyclopedias meant to help the educational institution administration create and develop administrative and guidance materials in 2004.

By the end of 2004 we discovered an unauthorized distribution of our electronic production on a commercial basis. This was the indication for us to begin working on protection of our software . At first we performed research on the ability of the company to protect CDs; then we started looking for companies offering protection services. Thus we contacted StarForce Technologies whose services we considered optimal from the viewpoint of the price-quality ratio.

Not all of the users of previous editions considered it convenient to enter a Serial Number during a product registration. After analyzing the target audience we decided for the Basic protection technology with binding to media. This protection level has proved to be sufficient to reduce the unauthorized copying of our discs greatly, which was confirmed by the statistics of sales of our first product protected using this technology ("The encyclopedia of staff work at school"). By the end of 2006 the total issue of this product exceeded 12000 items (the first edition has 600 items, the sixth has about 3 thousand; the seventh edition is to be issued).

In 2005 we applied the protection technology using StarForce CD-R as well, which was expedient for our product published in a small number of copies and meant for organizing extramural courses on the basis of advanced training institutes.

Since we increased the range of our products, as well as the number of copies in whole at the beginning of 2006, we decided to implement new protection technology to our products on the basis of the Keyless technology, which made the work with our programs easier for end users.

In summer 2006 we have created and launched a special e-shop for administrators of educational institutions, where we have offered our CDs for sale. Problems with deadlines and the increasing value of postal delivery set us thinking about the possibility to sell our products as downloadable programs. As a result, we signed a contract with StarForce for using the ProActive protection version in November 2006; today we sell two electronic products via our e-shop in two versions: on CDs with FrontLine KeyLess protection, and as files protected with ProActive.

It should be noted that during two years of cooperation with StarForce we never were disappointed in selecting such a reliable partner. Moreover, the speed at which StarForce managers and support engineers reply to our questions, and 100% successful result in solving problems allow us to consider this company as one of the most reliable and professional among our business partners.

I hope our cooperation will continue in future. We appreciate your work and the level of business and human relations between our companies. We wish you every success in interaction with your clients, as well as in developing new technological solutions that in fact determine the professionalism of the company.

Konstanti n M. Ushakov
Director of the "Sentyabr" publishing company


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