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LASER CRAFT, the Ural plant producing optical media

LASER CRAFT, the Ural plant producing optical media

Our enterprise was established in 1992 and specializes in replication of CD and DVD of all formats, as well as HD DVD discs. The unique equipment complex allows producing almost 10 million discs monthly. We can produce discs with various protections for our client when necessary. To this end, we establish partnership with several companies developing protection technologies. The first company was Protection Technology; our successful cooperation began in 2001.

Protection developed by StarForce turned out to be simple to install, required no expenses for additional hardware for mastering, while the company itself provided competent, round-the-clock customer support.

All that together with the demand for this technology in the market allowed us to release more than 2700 various discs with this protection starting from 2001.

Sergey Otrubchak,
Head of marketing department of the LASER CRAFT Company