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Lumír Vaněk, Localization Project Manager Cenega Czech

Lumír Vaněk, Localization Project Manager Cenega Czech

The Cenega company is one of the biggest game publisher in central and east Europe. We offer localization and publishing services of computer games for various gaming platforms.

Since 2003 Cenega actively cooperates with StarForce company in field of computer games copy protection. We’v already protected around 30 games. Why StarForce? Its simple – reliability, compatibility, easy to install, 24/7 technical support – this is why we'v chosen StarForce.

Since 2007 we'v been using the brand new StarForce technology – DiscFree. It allows user to make full-function backup and launch game with out original disc in the drive. User has all rights to choose launch method by himself – check disc or internet activation There woun't be need to use disc in case of activation.

Based on surveys among gamers we'v come to the conclusion that new protection feature has increased the convenience of game usage and reduced technical support calls. Till now we'v already protected 7 titles and not intending to pause as we are still receiving good responses. Its very important to mark that DiscFree Technology doesn't utilize protection driver and greatly increases application compatibility.

I'd like to underline that there is the enabling act that confirms the user's right for full-functional backup of bought original media. With DiscFree its not a problem any more.

Lumír Vaněk,
Localization Project ManagerCenega Czech