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Stanley Alvarado, the President of Latin Computers

Stanley Alvarado, the President of Latin Computers

Since Latin Computers is operating in the field of software developing and publishing, a key problem that we are faced everyday is software piracy. This is a threat that nobody should avoid to establish strong and profitable business. In Latin America, piracy is a very serious problem. StarForce has proven effective in protecting "Computacian Rapida" CD series, the widely recognized computer training course for the Spanish audience. StarForce protection has helped maintained the value of our product.

Meanwhile a strong protection mechanism needs to be seriously implemented. Implementation of StarForce protection at first might look overwhelming, but it's a lot easier than it looks. The documentation is very helpful and their engineers are very knowledgeable and kind.

Deciding on protection scheme we aren't forget about our business. Reasonable prices is one of the main reasons why we work with StarForce. In terms of cost and compared to other protections, StarForce is the best option.

Finally I'd like to underline the competence of the StarForce technical support service. Customer relations is great. An associate is assigned to my account and any issues are handled through that associate from start to finish.

Stanley Alvarado,
the President of Latin Computers