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Terrance F. Taylor, Controller & Treasurer, GameStreamer

Terrance F. Taylor, Controller & Treasurer, GameStreamer

GameStreamer, Inc. has been with StarForce Technologies, Inc. since 2008. During the last two years as a VIP customer we have received excellent service in terms of superior quality StarForce obfuscation/DRM products and 24*7*365 Technical Support that has always promptly responded to all of our requests within a timely manner. StarForce’s offered services have been by far one of the best of their kind available on the market today.

StarForce Technologies has always strived to offer unique services not available anywhere else on the market and predominantly in the piracy protection field. GameStreamer has come to StarForce numerous times with diverse development projects and StarForce’s highly skilled and proficient development team responded by completing the project through every single micro-detail with exceptional results. They’ve also worked diligently to meet our demands for a “perfect out of the box service” and we are pleased we have chosen StarForce to perform these functions as their performance has been top notch.

GameStreamer aligns exclusively with first-class business partners; we look forward to keeping this trustworthy relationship with StarForce for years to come and we believe our other business partners do and will continue to have the same positive perception of StarForce as they do about GameStreamer.

Terrance F. Taylor
Controller & Treasurer
GameStreamer, Inc