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The Railway Training Center

The Railway Training Center was founded more than 65-year ago. Over the years, the Training Center is focused on the development and publication of training and legal documentation, textbooks, manuals, albums, posters, video films, computer training programs, and printed publications in digital form in order to ensure the educational process at colleges of the Government Railway Transport Service (Roszheldor) and technical schools and centers of Russian Railways. The Training Center has branches in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk, and Yaroslavl. It provides training and methodological support for professional education institutions under the jurisdiction of Roszheldor; also this company provides information and technical assistance in the development and implementation of the educational process of progressive learning technologies, advance training of teaching staff, improve the forms and methods of the spread of advanced pedagogical technologies.

Only last year the Training Center produced 10 training videos, 62 computer training programs, and 25 printed publications in digital form that were on display at various exhibitions. These educational materials got many awards and certificates of gratitude, and they are popular among educational institutions, relevant structures and wide audience.

Video films created by the Training Center have distribution certificates issued by Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, i.e. they have an individual number, which confirms the copyright. These distribution certificates allow selling our video films in Russia and other countries.

Although there is a law to protect copyright and intellectual property, but we wanted to make sure that our products are protected against copying, hacking and unauthorized use of information. Creating of protection for educational videos and printed publications in digital form against copying and piracy solves the problem of confidentiality preservation and intellectual property violation. So The Training Center decided to apply specialized tools for anti-piracy campaign and protect their electronic educational materials against unauthorized use.

After the market study we chose two products: StarForce Audio/Video for video films and StarForce Content for PDF documents. This company provides very good service, reliable solutions and reasonable prices.

The Training Center plans to continue to protect their learning materials against copying, hacking and unauthorized use with StarForce solutions. The Railway Training Center found a reliable protector of their products and interests in StarForce Technologies.


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