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Half of a Legend. About cat lovers

Natalia Yashenkova
Natalia Yashenkova
Head of Marketing and PR at StarForce Technologies

Natalia Yashenkova has more than 15 years experience in software development and information security. Before StarForce Technologies she worked at Netris and Vimcom Optic.

14 Dec 2015
The developers of StarForce protection system despite their hardcore reputation are also have some very good human characteristics. Especially when the talk is about cats. Or kittens. Or kittens in trouble. You may say please get to the point and so I will. 

Not far from our office one female employee found a kitten, which had been injured by a car. As the vets said afterwards the animal had been suffering for 12 hours there and little time was left to save it. The kind heart of our colleague didn’t let her just pass by and so she launched a rescue operation. The kitten urgently needed surgical care. She used crowdfunding - StarForce employees were asked to donate to collect money for the surgery. The sum was serious and there were some doubt about the operation’s success. If you have tried to collect money from your colleagues you can understand how difficult it is. But love to cats won – the needed sum was collected and it gave us a chance to save a little fluffy life. 

 The kitten found her shelter at one of our colleagues. He gave her a name – Mrs. Norris. Yes, you are on the right way if you think about Harry Potter novels – “the cat which survived”. But there is also a connection with Chuck Norris – the actor with the image of a man who always wins. The kitten is still afraid to use one of her legs but she is cheerful and active. She likes to eat and sleep a lot – as all cats do. We are all watching for her recovery.

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