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ASPack Software: Protection of Programs for Professionals and Home Developers

Pavel Korobov
Pavel Korobov
Specialist of Marketing and PR at StarForce Technologies
11 May 2018

StarForce Technologies in its line of products and online services has another interesting family of solutions, which may not have been heard by everyone.

Today I want to introduce you them if you did not know anything, or update your memories if you have forgotten something.

I’m talking about the ASPack Software products: ASPack, ASProtect 32 and ASProtect 64. Unlike StarForce ProActive, these ones are affordable for any software developer. That's why it can be interesting.

In order not to delay the opening speech, let's move straight to the point and take a look to the main differences between these solutions.



Basically, users choose this product to use it for simple programs, most often not intended for sale and commercial distribution. As practice shows, these are free apps and they need program size reducing and protection of non-critical files "from prying eyes".


A significant reduction of the size of files and libraries helps to decrease the download time of packaged applications in local networks and the Internet. It becomes the leading advantage of apps compressed with ASPack compared to uncompressed ones.

Why you need it

We recommend this solution for developers who need to reduce the size of the installation software for its quick and convenient distribution first of all.


ASProtect 32


Unlike ASPack, developers use ASProtect 32 to protect programs planned for distribution on a commercial basis. Also, an equally important factor for choosing this product is the function of creating demo versions that can be later turned into full-featured ones after acquiring the registration key from the developer.


ASProtect 32 is a useful solution for those who want to protect their works from copying and hacking and not to lose additional profits from sales; and, in additional, the implementation of demo versions for the protected application makes ASProtect 32 extremely convenient for commercial distribution.

Why you need it

This solution is recommended to those developers who write programs for 32-bit Windows platforms and want to earn on their sale, not being afraid that their apps will be hacked and leaked into free access.


ASProtect 64


If you plan to use ASProtect 64, you should know the main difference between this product and ASProtect 32. ASProtect 64 protects programs from analysis and hacking written for 64-bit Windows platforms or .NET.


The rest of the functionality and capabilities of both solutions are similar (protection against debuggers, disassemblers, hacking and memory patching), but this difference can be decisive when choosing "your own" product to protect software.

A small bonus for those who choose this product is the recent ASProtect 64 update, where the compatibility with modern versions of popular compilers has been significantly improved.

Why you need it

ASProtect 64 can be useful for you if you need reliable protection of 64-bit applications against copying, analysis and piracy with the ability to create trial versions.


If you have any questions, we are always ready to answer them.

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