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Copyright Protection in the Event Industry

Darya Gamzatova
Darya Gamzatova
International Sales Department Manager
27 Apr 2020
Working on a roll-up for an exhibition, designing a business event or a conference is a creative process. You have to constantly search for new ideas. You have to be highly professional. Innovative materials are used all the time. This way clients' ideas can be put to life.

Following stages are always present when you carry out a client's idea:
  • Developing the project concept and visualization (including video materials);
  • Changing the project and working on the data sheet;
  • Developing contract documentation and cost estimate documentation;
  • Developing technical documentation and engineering layouts.
All of the above means that you need electronic documents.

Also, in order to be successful in this industry you need to come up with procedures for construction of roll-ups, strategies for designer solutions, online and offline promotion tools, modern techniques of communicating with the audience. Vendors have to offer efficient ways of organizing exhibitions and participating in them, of managing the reputation and online demand. Professionals in this market have to teach these technologies and to learn them – usually in the form of online courses. It is worth noting that customer training is an efficient promotion tool and facilitates sales growth. Customer training is a part of digital content. It can be multimedia content.

When you send a file with a roll-up project, its cost, and other conditions to your client, there is a risk that the recipient might violate the copyright of the authors of these documents. The information might be leaked, and the file might be misused.

«This happens all the time: a client approaches us about developing a project, a roll-up, for example, we send them the documents, and they forward the documents to our competitor, asking to do the same but cheaper. It would be almost impossible to prove in court that your project was stolen», - those are the words of every other participant at the ProMediaTech International Festival of Promotion and Advertising Technologies, which is the largest B2B event for exhibition business, the event industry, and the MICE industry.

Architects, project designers, vendors operate with very limited budgets. Such companies usually do not have enough system administrators and IT experts or they outsource these specialists. It means that copyright protection software has to be easy to use.

Which software can limit sharing of design projects made by exhibition companies for creative and technical analysis? And which software can limit distribution of commercial information without written permission of the owner?

The information security market offers plenty of solutions for protection of electronic documents. But all of them have some disadvantages.

These solutions are intended for corporate networks of large companies. In order to install this type of software, IT experts and qualified cyber security professionals are required.

The price of such solutions, while affordable for Russia's largest companies and international corporations, might not be suitable for the event industry.

And here's the most important thing. Corporate content is protected assuming that once deciphered it can be printed, sent by email, edited, saved in updated form. This leads to distribution of confidential information beyond the protected corporate network. As a result, confidential documents that are protected using the most sophisticated technologies at some point simply lose this protection. Every day, great volumes of confidential digital content may be shared by various means, including the Internet.

It means that the existing software for protection of corporate digital content does not suit the event industry's needs for copyright protection technically or financially.

However, StarForce managed to find a solution that can help experts of the event industry to protect their copyright. SFContent is the product for protection of electronic documents and control over their distribution. Protected documents can be distributed over the Internet, on USB disks, or on CDs/DVDs. These documents can be viewed only on devices of users that the right owner gives permission. It is impossible to make screenshots of protected documents. They can printed only if this option is provided by the right owner.

The protection procedure is simple, all steps are performed on SFContent.com.

This solution for copyright protection in the event industry allows you to have the best relationship with your clients you could dream of and makes the industry itself more transparent, efficient, and profitable for all market players.

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