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StarForce Presents Apple Mac Multimedia Player to Protect Video and Audio against Piracy


Today the consumers of digital content use the wide range of devices with different operating systems. The owners of digital content need protection system or DRM that would allow to meet any customer hardware and operating system preferences. It is more important for digital content to obtain reliable information security system that effectively protects against illegal copying and pirate distribution.

When StarForce team was working at the SFContent.com project, the main idea was to provide the customers with maximum facility and universal protected documents and audio/video files readable at any type of devices and operating systems. To achieve that goal the advanced StarForce Player was developed. StarForce Player allows to run protected files at any platforms and devices.

“We know how important is availability of digital content for any particular publisher. In modern life when technical diversity is realized even in the very small details it is essential to create solutions that are appropriate for any customers”, says Natalya Yashenkova, the Head of Marketing and PR at StarForce Technologies. “We have a lot of popular Windows products, but today we are glad to introduce the new powerful solution for macOS users.”

StarForce Player for macOS is already available for downloading. To try the StarForce protection system together with StarForce Player you just need to register at SFContent.com. See more about the application. For the publishers, who have a release license, the support of the new StarForce Player is free of charge.

StarForce Player is the second cross-platform product for the company. Last year StarForce Technologies issued StarForce Reader, an application that allows to read documents protected against piracy and illegal copying on devices with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. StarForce Player will also be used for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android after developing finish.

SFContent.com (www.sfcontent.com) is a reliable and technologically advanced protection of digital documents, audio and video files, and HTML websites with content against unauthorized copying, leakage, access, printing and screen grabbing.

About StarForce Technologies

StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com) is a leading vendor of information protection, copy protection and code obfuscation solutions for software, electronic content and audio/video files. Since 2000, StarForce has been successfully developing and implementing its state-of-the-art security solutions, providing copyright and intellectual property protection worldwide.

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