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Details on activation by phone

No Internet connection is required

Install the application on your computer and launch it.

You are suggested to enter the Serial Number you obtained when purchasing the product, in the first window. (A Serial Number usually consists of Latin letters and figures).


Press Activate


Press Manually in the next window. Sometimes this window only appears if automatic activation failed and it displays the corresponding error message; (that is, after an attempt to connect to the Internet).


Your Hardware Code is displayed then; copy it and press Next.


Call to the number indicated in a new window, and tell the support service your Serial Number and your Hardware Code. You will be informed of an Activation Key (it usually consists of Latin letters and figures).


Enter the Activation Key you copied to the corresponding window of the loaded application and press Activate.


Activation by email completes successfully!

If the publisher of the application has imposed restrictions on usage, the corresponding information is displayed. Press OK to launch the application.