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Secure Email Service SFLetter.com Can Revoke Access to Sent Emails in Real Time


SFLetter.com, a secure email service to protect attached files and messages from copying and sharing, presents new functionality: access revocation and temporal access. Access revocation allows to forbid recipients to open protected emails in real time. Even if a file is opened at the moment of revocation, it will be closed immediately. Temporal access allows to set the time when documents will be available for the recipient.

In addition to time restriction and access control, the following new features were added to the service: a detailed report containing parameters, status and opening history for every protected email, offline access management and improved site navigation.

“Everybody knows situations when you need to send important and even sensitive documents by email, fulfilling two conditions: it must be done quickly and have a guarantee of safety. SFLetter.com provides protection for this kind of content, allowing to open protected files only on the recipient’s PC. In addition, there is protection against printing and screen capturing”, says Natalia Yashenkova, Head of Marketing and PR at StarForce Technologies. “The new functionality enables senders to set access parameters to the protected files on his/her own, for example, to grant one hour access to a demo document or deny access to sent emails for a recipient who has lost his/her status of "authorized person" or revoke an email if it has been sent by mistake”.

New functionality is divided between paid and free accounts of the service. Users, who choose a Premium account, are able to send files in various formats: PDF, DOC (x), XLS (x), JPEG, RTF, GIF, PNG, increase the size of the storage up to 200 GB and forget about the limitation on the number of attachments and recipients.

Everyone can test the full functionality of the secure email service for free. The test period is 14 days. To start testing, please send your request to support@sfletter.com.

About SFLetter.com

SFLetter.com is designed by StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com), a world-renowned developer of solutions to provide protection against piracy, leakage, hacking and unauthorized access. The company’s portfolio includes solutions for publishers and corporate customers.

SFLetter.com was launched in July 2014 and now accounts more than 5000 users. The service is based on the StarForce Em@il Enterprise solution, developed by StarForce Technologies.

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