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News [2015]

SafenSoft TPSecure receives a new support program.
After beta the secure email service works in full mode.
New edition of StarForce Audio/Video allows to protect audio and video files online against unauthorized copying and distribution through the website.
StarForce solution helps Rosoboronstandart to increase their revenue thanks to reliable protection of its informational products against unauthorized distribution.
StarForce Technologies presented its first product to protect games and software against piracy 15 years ago.
StarForce Document Protector is designed to simplify the procedure of protection and delivery for confidential documents.
The email service developed by StarForce Technologies adds new functionality that allows senders to manage access to protected messages and attachments.
StarForce Technologies, a developer of solutions to protect digital information, took part in the "ICT in retail 2015" conference. At the event, which took place on March 12 in Moscow, the new StarForce Content Enterprise product for the corporate market was presented to the general public.
StarForce Technologies introduces StarForce Content Enterprise to protect confidential electronic documents against leakage outside the enterprise’s information system.
StarForce's solution has proven effective in the fight to preserve gameplay integrity and fairness.