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SafenSoft 4.0 Gets Hierarchical Management


Safe`n`Sec Corporation (www.safensoft.com), the leader in development of software solutions to provide information security in banks and financial organizations, announces the release of SafenSoft 4.0. This new version of SafenSoft’s line of security solutions has several remarkable improvements including support for hierarchical management of departments, increased level of performance and cyber resilience.

SafenSoft security solutions provide protection for network endpoints against internal and external attacks. Hierarchical management of departments allows to flexibly set role-based access policies for staff responsible for administration of a network connecting different types of endpoints (ATMs, payment terminals, POS equipment, servers and workstations) in organizations with a distributed structure of IT and InfoSec services.

"The modern trend is to outsource support and maintenance of IT processes to external service companies. We see the range of offered outsourcing services change and becoming more specialized. The models that companies use to segment and allocate areas of responsibility between their own departments and external service companies become more sophisticated,” says Svetozar Yakhontov, Director of Business Development at Safe`n`Sec Corporation. “We develop methodical maintenance in close cooperation with the expert community, including our customers. This helps us reveal the source of possible errors and offer advanced solutions in new product versions”.

Significant productivity gains in SafenSoft version 4.0 were achieved through database improvement and code optimization. The average number of simultaneously connected devices can now be increased by 4 times.

The level of resilience to cyber-attacks was increased thanks to the update of cryptographic algorithms.

The new version also adds many small improvements aimed to increase usability and improve stability of the protection system.

If you are interested in updating and/or purchasing SafenSoft products, including SafenSoft TPSecure, the SafenSoft flagship security solution for ATMs and payment terminals, please contact Protection Technology (www.star-force.com), the global distributor of SafenSoft products.

About Safe`n`Sec Corporation

Safe`n`Sec Corporation (www.safensoft.com) was founded in 2006 to develop best-of-breed solutions in information security for financial organizations and banks. The company is a member of the PCI Security Council and serves on the Security Best Practices committee of the ATMIA.
The clients of SafenSoft products are located in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. There are more than 90 deployments of SafenSoft TPSecure all over the world.
Safe`n`Sec Corporation also offers a SafenSoft product to protect computers of end users against malware and hacker attacks.

About StarForce Technologies

Protection Technology (www.star-force.com) is a Russian subsidiary of StarForce Technologies, an expert in information security and protection against copying, hacking and illegal distribution. Since 2000 the company has been providing multifunctional technological services to protect copyright and intellectual property. Since 2015 the company is the official distributor of integrated solutions based on SafenSoft products.

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