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    Software protection against
    reverse engineering

    StarForce C++ Obfuscator Benefits:

    • Code obfuscation, compiled for any operational system and processor
    • Support of more than 30 obfuscation methods, e.g., conversion of C++ code into virtual machine code, encryption of strings and arrays, insertion of dummy links, etc.
    • StarForce C++ Obfuscator converts both source code and binary code that greatly increases the level of protection against cracking
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    StarForce MMOG

    Innovative protection for online games against bots, hacks and cheats.

    • Protection of game source code against reverse engineering and cracking.
    • Protection against hooking of system functions.
    • Protection of traffic between game client and server.
    • Protection against game server replacement.
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    StarForce Content

    Reliable security PDF-, DOC(X)-, PPT- and HTML-documents, JPG/JPEG-, PNG-, GIF-files and Distribution control system

    • Protection of documents against unauthorized access and distribution.
    • Protect Protection against screen capturing.
    • Print management tool.
    • Statistics of sales and file access.
    • Documents can be distributed via any media and online.
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    StarForce Disc

    Professional protection for software and content distributed on optical media.

    • Protection against copying and illegal distribution.
    • Protection against professional and casual copying and emulation.
    • Application functionality limitation is depending on the Disc Key parameters.
    • StarForce certified partner plants worldwide.
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    StarForce ProActive

    High-tech protection of application source code and distribution control system.

    • Protection of application source code against analysis and cracking.
    • Statistics of software usage and sales.
    • Application functionality limitation is depending on the type of license.
    • Distribution via any media and online.
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    StarForce Audio/Video

    Reliable protection for audio/video files and distribution control systems.

    • Protection for video files AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4 etc.
    • Protection for audio files MP3, OGG, WMA etc.
    • Statistics of media files usage and sales.
    • Distribution via any media and online.
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    StarForce E-m@il

    Professional solution to protect emails and attached documents.

    • E-mail messages protection with a single click.
    • High-level protection against cracking.
    • Attachment usage statistic.
quoteStarForce has proven effective in protecting "Computacian Rapida" CD series, the widely recognized computer training course for the Spanish audience. StarForce protection has helped maintained the value of our product.unquote
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