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Internet provides broad opportunities for file exchanging: you can upload content on your site or use Google Drive and provide a link to your users. StarForce DRM is used to limit access to the files with intellectual value. This system controls access and prevents unauthorized copying and distribution. If your user has even a limited internet connection, we recommend to use copy protection with online activation.

To provide protection against copying, in this case, StarForce Technologies offers to use binding to the hardware and software parameters of the user’s device, usually a computer.

DRM Benefits

Reducing the cost of material media
You do not need to spend money to buy and burn CDs or DVDs, flash drives.
Access control
The files are protected and to open them, you need to enter a special code - the serial number. Serial number parameters can be edited or you can revoke access to the file if necessary.
Usage statistics
The DRM system provides information about when and where access to protected files was activated.

How it works

1         File protection         You need to set protection on your file. StarForce Technologies will help you with this. After protection you can upload the file on your site, Google Drive or online store.
2         serial numbers generation         To provide access to the file it is necessary to generate serial numbers with needed parameters. This procedure can be automated through API for an online store.
3         a link to the protected file         A serial number is provided together with a link to the protected file. Or you even can record it on CD or other media if necessary.
4         system collects the device’s profile and extracts a hardware code         When a user opens the file for the first time, the system asks to enter a serial number. After it the system collects the device’s profile and extracts a hardware code. The serial number and the hardware code are transferred to the StarForce License Server over the Internet, where the serial number is validated. If it is ok the system activates access and the protected file binds to the device’s profile.
5         Sales statistics tracking         After activation you can get information where and when the serial number has been activated. It allows to track statistics of sales and usage.

StarForce DRM protects

Software protection Audio video files protection Digital documents protection
Software applications
(executable files)
Video and audio files Electronic documents
including HTML

Serial number options

Serial number expiration date Maximum number of runs setting
License expiration date Continuous run setting
License start date Periodic license confirmation
Serial number regional settings Serial number blacklisting

Serial number activation/generation statistics

By date By product name By countries
By serial number or batch By all projects Custom reports

Protection costs

The cost of the service includes a license fee and a fee for the number of serial numbers. To learn more please complete the form:

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