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Source code protection and obfuscation

Source code protection and obfuscation of C ++ and .Net applications

against analysis, cracking, reverse engineering and modification

Application source code is the core asset of software developers. The lion's share of their time and his company’s money is spent on writing code. That is why hackers, as well as competitors do not hesitate to use the results of a programmer’s work if not enough attention was paid to good source code protection.

Good protection prevents attackers from analyzing source code, making it very difficult to extract critical data or to reverse engineer the code partially or completely.

StarForce’s solutions for source code protection are based on a number of proprietary technologies:

  • conversion of C++ and .Net code into virtual machine code;
  • encryption of strings and arrays;
  • code conversion into a digital format;
  • introduction of false connections;
  • association of code segments;
  • etc.

The conversion of compiled code into StarForce virtual machine instructions can significantly complicate the analysis and modification of program code for an attacker.

Obfuscation of a C++ or .Net program’s graph algorithm impedes understanding the program’s algorithm.

To complicate analysis and reverse engineering, StarForce products use our own StarForce P-code programming language and StarForce Compiler.

In order to protect application source code, StarForce has developed two solutions - StarForce Crypto and StarForce C++ Obfuscator.

StarForce Crypto

StarForce Crypto

Provides protection for Windows-based applications against analysis and modification and it protects and hides any immutable data files of an application against spoofing and modification

StarForce Crypto is recommended for protecting Windows-based applications that can be distributed on optical media, flash cards, and over the Internet (including via Steam) against analysis, hacking, modification and reverse engineering.

The product protects code sections and data that represent intellectual property and are crucial to protect from a business perspective. It provides reliable protection by eliminating any possible ways of understanding the logic of the application.

The solution supports the protection of binary (compiled) executables and read-only data. It is also compatible with both x8632 and x8664 hardware platforms.

StarForce Crypto is installed via the Internet anywhere and anytime convenient for a developer.

There is a possibility to further enhance the protection by adding special technology that provides binding of protected application to optical media, PC or server using other StarForce products.

Learn more about the product and its benefits

StarForce C++ Obfuscator

StarForce C++ Obfusctor

The solution is designed to obfuscate (transform) the source code of C/C++programs (text files) for all operating systems

StarForce C++ Obfuscator is recommended for cases when software protection against hacking is critical. For example, for (embedded) software that contains DRM keys or other sensitive data that shouldn’t be lost. If such a breach happens, it affects both software developer and service provider and it could cost them a lot of money.

Unlike StarForce Crypto, this product provides protection of software written for any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android OS, iOS), and is compatible with all hardware platforms (processors and MCU’s), which makes this product cross functional.

The main feature of the solution is the support of more than 30 methods of obfuscation, which can be switched on and off independently of each other and can be fine-tuned.

The main methods that are used in StarForce C ++ Obfuscator:

  • Masking of variable access.
  • Mixing graph code execution.
  • Insertion of dummy links in the graph execution.
  • Duplication of graph branches.
  • Dynamic graph branching.

Advanced methods:

  • Additional obfuscation based on finite state machine
  • Additional obfuscation based on virtual machine

StarForce C++ Obfuscator is a separate application that is installed on the customer side. This is an exclusive StarForce product that contains unique obfuscation algorithms.

This product is one of the best obfuscators on the market thanks to a large range of methods of protection and long-term functioning without being compromised.

Learn more about the product and its benefits