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Professional solution to protect eDocuments (PDF, XLS/XLSX, DOC/DOCX, RTF, PPT/PPTX, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF), HTML websites with content. StarForce Content can be used to protect eBooks and e-learning (commercial distribution) and confidential information (corporate use) against copying, unauthorized access, and printing and Print Screen.

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StarForce Content is a unique web service that allows you to protect eDocuments by yourself and control their distribution in real time. For publishers: StarForce Content helps to protect your copyright and helps you maintain profits by minimizing the spread of pirated content. For corporate customers: StarForce Content reduces the risk of insider leaks and prevents confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.

Now you can safely send files to clients, partners, customers, contractors and colleagues and upload the protected documents without any fear that someone can use them inappropriately. You can open the protected files only using a special app created by StarForce, together with a Serial Number generated by StarForce Content website. However, you can share your protected documents using any media and online.

StarForce Content is not only a security system but also a tool to monitor and control the distribution of the protected documents. You can get real-time reports about the usage of the protected files at any time, from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

Methods of distribution and binding

In the case of StarForce Content, protected products can be distributed on optical (CD and DVD) or on any other media (USB flash drives, memory cards or portable hard drives) and over the Internet. Depending on the distribution channel, copy protection methods can be different.

Distribution on optical media

If you choose to distribute your protected products on CDs and DVDs, then the content burned on those optical media binds to the unique parameters of the disc. So the protected documents will work only with a particular CD or DVD. It renders copying or transferring the content to another disc meaningless, as protected files will request certain parameters of the new CD that will not match the needed values. Protection against emulation and disc virtualization works similarly as described above.

Distribution over the Internet and other media

This distribution method involves binding protected content to a user device where the protected document is opened. Binding occurs during the activation of a serial number. Access to the documents can be limited by time or revoked altogether if necessary.

Select your StarForce Content product

Depending on the format of the encrypted document and the binding method (to user device or optical disc), StarForce Content is divided into the following products:

StarForce Content PDF provides copy protection for electronic documents in various formats to be converted to PDF with an ability of distribution on any media and via the Internet. Try for free. Pricing.
StarForce Content HTML provides protection for websites in HTML with content with an ability of distribution on any media and over the Internet. Before protection files are converted to HTML Executable.Try for free.
StarForce Content PPT provides protection for PowerPoint presentations in demonstration mode with an ability of distribution on any media and over the Internet. Submit a request for testing.
StarForce Content PDF Disc provides protection for electronic documents with binding to CDs or DVDs. Submit a request for testing.
StarForce Content HTML Disc provides protection for HTML websites with content to be distributed on CDs or DVDs. Before protection files are converted to HTML Executable. Submit a request for testing.
StarForce Content PPT Disc provides protection for PowerPoint presentations in demonstration mode with binding to CDs or DVDs. Submit a request for testing.
Restrictions You can impose restrictions on protected files – to set Serial Number expiration date, to limit the number of workplaces where the protected files can be activated, etc.
Great number of file formats StarForce Content supports a great number of file formats. The service allows you to protect PDF, DOC/DOCX, RTF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, PPT, PPTX, XLS/XLSX files and HTML based eDocuments (HTML, images, CSS, media, JavaScript code, flash files etc.). You can also protect other popular formats e.g. DJVU, by converting them into one of the supported file formats.
Reliable protection Reliable protection and high-level security of electronic information against unauthorized opening, copying and distribution.
online store Easy integration for online stores.
Distribution on any media and online Protected files can be distributed by any media and online.
print management Print management tool.
license check Periodic license confirmation.
Protection against screen capturing Protection against screen capturing and grabbing.
ales statistics Sales statistics and management of the protected files.
binding Two ways of binding: PC and optical disc.

For publishers


According to the statistics rights holders lose up to two-thirds of their income, so from 100 sold copies, only 33 are sold legally and 67 copies are pirated. Training centers, publishers and authors can use the StarForce Content Service to protect the uniqueness of their products and maximize their profits.

Business cases:

An analytics company has prepared a market report and decides to sell it over the internet using different settings, e.g. with the possibility to print and without this option. To achieve this, the company needs to encrypt the document using the StarForce Content Service and generate Serial Numbers with the appropriate settings for each type of the customer. The set of Serial Numbers can be generated in advance to be sent to customers automatically in case purchase and sale are done through an online store. When the user activates his or her Serial Number, the information about this will appear in the report section. At the moment of activation, the technical parameters of the user's PC are sent to the StarForce system. From then onwards, the protected document can only be opened on the PC where the activation took place for the first time (binding to a PC).

An educational company has created a learning course and plans to release it on CD’s with an edition of 250 copies. To protect the content, an image of the protected disk is created using the StarForce Content service. After that, the learning course can be burned on a special StarForce CD-R. In case of large circulation, a batch of CDs can be burned at the factory. The user gets access to the documents if a CD from the batch is inserted into his or her CD-ROM drive (binding to a disс).

The users of StarForce Content Service are C and K Management Ltd., Aeroflot Aviation School, Aircraft Technical Book Co, Guided Brainstorming LLC, Heromindmine, Iridium Ventures, Joh. Enschede IT and Consultancy, KTI Online, Learning-Focused, Lorikeet Learning and others.

For corporate customers

corporate customers

An increasing number of companies is becoming interested in the control of documents to be sent to customers and the ensure information security within the company. Examples of confidential documents are R&D materials, financial documents, market analysis, information about new products releases, reports to shareholders, etc.

StarForce Content Enterprise has two versions for corporate customers:

  • Cloud service (SaaS). In this case, StarForce servers that are available via the Internet execute the document protection, Serial Number generation and activation of documents.
  • Dedicated Server. The software is installed on the client side and can be used perpetually.

To learn more about StarForce Content Enterprise.

The users of StarForce Content Service in corporate segment are DASI Ireland International, Russian Railways (RZD), AMD, SOHO Business Solutions, AFT India, AMG Srl., Ed-Contrive, ENSTTI, Evermore International (Asia) Company Limited, GM RECORDS POLAND, Toshiba International Corp. USA, Kiggz Holdings Ltd. and others.

Try out how it works on www.sfcontent.com

Protection procedure

StarForce Content PDF and StarForce Content PDF Disc

StarForce Content PDF and StarForce Content PDF Disc protect PDF files and other documents that can be converted into PDF format (DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, RTF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF). First the documents are converted into PDF, and then into SFPDF format (developed by StarForce). Only a special viewer program (StarForce Reader) can open the protected documents. This program is well protected against reverse engineering and analysis, which provides a high level of resistance against tampering. Document copy protection is achieved by binding the protected documents to the end-user’s device or to an optical disc.

StarForce Content HTML and StarForce Content HTML Disc

StarForce Content HTML and StarForce Content HTML Disc protect HTML documents and manuals (i.e. hyperlinked HTML document sets). In the course of protection, the documents are converted into a file that can be executed under Windows using the HTML Executable program. The resulting executable file contains data from HTML documents and from the built-in viewer program. A protection library is added to the file and it cannot be run without it. The executable file is protected against copying by binding it to the end-user’s PC or to an optical disc.

StarForce Content PPT and StarForce Content PPT Disc

StarForce Content PPT and StarForce Content PPT Disc protect PPT and PPTX presentations and included video. The viewer program with an additional protection library is used for protection PPT or PPTX files. Users will not be able to open these files without it. Copy protection of the presentation is achieved by binding the viewer to the end-user's PC or an optical disc.

System requirements

To work with the StarForce Content Service you can use any up-to-date browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

To view protected SFPDF documents you need StarForce Reader.

Microsoft Windows Google Android Apple iOS Apple macOS

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