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StarForce Reader for Android Overview

StarForce Reader for Android is designed to provide access to PDF / ePub files and special protected documents on Android devices. To download it please visit Google Play.

How it works


StarForce Reader scans the device for compatible documents. All these documents are added to the application.

The main screen displays the list of all documents that can be opened with StarForce Reader. You need to know that usual PDF and ePub files have preview thumbnail and protected files are marked with a lock icon.

To see only protected files on the screen please tab ‘PROTECTED ONLY’ in the upper right corner. After it there will be only SFPDF and PCDOC files in the list. Usual PDF and ePub documents will be hidden.

To switch to the full list tap this button again.

The icons of unread documents are displayed in grey color. After opening grey icons become blue.

Also you can use search to find a needed document by tapping a magnifying glass icon above 'PROTECTED ONLY' button.

StarForce Reader allows to see recently viewed documents for your convenience.

View Document Features

To open table of contents (if there is any) you need to swipe from the left part of the screen to the right.

A table of contents allows to have fast navigation over the document by moving to the needed chapters. To hide it you can use a return swipe from the right to the left or back.

To move to the needed page quickly or to see thumbnails of document pages, you can tap anywhere on the screen. On the right there will be a progress bar and preview thumbnails. To navigate through the pages you just need to swipe your finger up or down the bar depending on which page you want.

As well there is search inside of a document. For it tap a magnifying glass icon on the upper right corner. The search is not case sensitive.

Application Menu

To access menu please swipe from the left side to the right at Home page.

You can find there the following links:

Documents - leads to the Home page where you can find a list of available documents.

Browse file system allows to find documents on the device manually.

Change language allows to switch to Russian by tapping Ru button.

StarForce Technology offers two web services to protect documents against leakage and illegal distribution.

SFContent.com is a cloud web service to protect documents in different formats and to set different types of access. The protection includes control of access, printing, copying and screen grabbing. The protection is performed online within several minutes.

SFLetter.com is a secured email service which allows to send protected email messages and attachments. There are flexible tools to control access of the protected files even after receiving and opening.

StarForce Reader for Android can be used on any modern device with Android OS.

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