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Partner Network

Partner network development and increase of partners' competence are the main strategic targets for StarForce Technologies.

StarForce Technologies invites companies and proprietorships that have the advantage of unique geographical location or specific industry/product expertise to take part in StarForce partner program.

What you get as a partner:

  • discount for StarForce product line;
  • marketing support;
  • StarForce assistance in the sales process: making presentations; developing solutions on a client request;
  • technical support, including training and certification for partner’s specialists;
  • free use of our products for demonstration needs.

We offer not just a software product, but an end-to-end technological service to protect intellectual property. The company develops unique technologies that have no analogues in the world. Based on these technologies, StarForce partners can implement a wide range of solutions to protect and control the use of digital information and software.

StarForce affiliate program is available in two variants:

  • Partner agreement

    Partner agreement can be concluded only with legal entities. Unlike an agent, a partner self-carries for all the activities in product sales.

  • Agency agreement

    Agency agreement can be concluded with a company and an individual. Unlike a partner, an agent only searches for clients and interacts with them. In this case, the selling process is performed through StarForce Technologies.

The ultimate principle of StarForce Technologies is to avoid the competition with partners in sales process and project implementation. The company tries to provide all possible support for the partner's sales and projects.

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