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Data protection on USB flash drives

USB flash drive is a convenient media to save and deliver digital information. This kind of storages is more expensive than an optical disc but is more popular now: you can open the contents of a USB flash drive on every computer while modern laptops are not equipped with CD/DVD drives.

The StarForce copy protection technologies provide protection for files distributed on USB flash drives. You need to use Protection Studio application to set protection on files and to bind protected files to the unique parameters of a flash drive.

How it works

1                 Install Protection Studio.
2                 Set protection on files.
3                 Insert a USB flash drive into the computer and extract a digital key, which helps to bind protected files to the unique parameters of the flash drive. The operation of the key extraction is necessary to repeat for every flash drive to provide copy protection for your content.
4                 Make sure that after protection everything works perfectly.

The protected files can be opened only if an original USB flash drive is inserted into the computer.

What files can be protected with USB flash drive binding

                           software applications (executable files)            Video/audio files

USB flash drive selection

You can use any flash drives you like. We only recommend not using low quality drives because of constant loading: they need to be inserted into the computer and interact with the system all the time.

USB flash drive as a digital key

StarForce technologies can be used to protect files which are distributed on any media, including the Internet channels. But a user is able to open a protected file only when a special USB drive, containing a digital key, is connected to the computer.

Protection costs

The cost of the service includes a license fee and a fee for the number of protected drives. To learn more please complete the form:

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