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About StarForce

StarForce Technologies has extensive expertise in protecting digital information from copying, hacking and unauthorized use. Since 2000 we have been successfully developing and implementing our state-of-the-art software solutions to provide copyright and intellectual property protection worldwide.

StarForce's key goal is to provide a full range of technical services to protect digital confidential information and software for every business type against a wide number of threats. Company's concept is defined as "3I": Intelligence, Innovation and Integration.

Intelligence Intelligence
as the core feature for professional team of developers with hacking experience.
Innovation Innovation
as the company's fundamental technological entry.
Integration Integration
as the main collaboration strategy considering individual peculiarity of clients and partners.

Along with the commitment to excellence for basic software products, we prioritize the development of comprehensive technology services aimed to effectively guard intellectual property. The company's technologies are unique and have no analogues worldwide.

StarForce's key Lines of Business:

Software development Software development: licensing and protection against reverse engineering.

Games: Protecting MMOG against cheats and bots.

Corporate security

Corporate security: protecting document and e-mail against unauthorized access and leakage.


Education: protection of multimedia content and electronic courses against illegal copying and pirate distribution.

One of StarForce's key advantages is a high level of hacker resistance for all its products, achieved thanks to the professionalism and expertise of the StarForce team combined with the implementation of the latest informational security technologies.