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Optical disc protection

Optical disc protection

against copying and illegal distribution

In spite of the widespread use of digital sales channels, optical CD and DVD discs are still one of the most popular ways to distribute electronic information.

You can record any type of data on discs: for example software for commercial use or advertising materials for trade shows and forums.

However, writable CDs and DVDs can be bought at any shop and it is very easy for anyone to copy information from one disc to another and spread it without the copyright holder’s knowledge.

Adding copy protection technology to optical discs is still the only effective measure against this kind of piracy. StarForce offers a new disc protection solution, which is invisible to end-users but becomes an unbreakable barrier for potential pirates.

We care about user experience, so an end user will never know about built-in StarForce protection as long as he or she uses a protected disc in a legitimate way.

Protection via binding to optical media

The main method of copy protection is “binding” to a material object that can’t be imitated.

The disc’s content is bound to the original optical disc topology and can’t be launched from replicated or emulated CD and DVD discs. The following protection options can be used, depending on the number of disc copies and method of replication:

1. CD/DVD protection with disc keys

A disc key is required to activate a protected disc. The protection system matches the disc key entered by a user to the physical parameters of the protected disc. Protected discs can be replicated without additional equipment at any facility.

+ Disc can be printed in any number at any replication plant.

- An end user enters a disc key manually at the first run of a protected disc.

2. CD/DVD protection without disc keys (Keyless)

No disc key is required to activate a protected disc. When the disc is activated, the protection system authenticates the disc automatically and no actions are required from the user. Protected discs can be replicated without additional equipment, but only at the plants certified by StarForce.

+ An end user doesn’t need to enter a disc key – there is a silent activation.

- Discs can be replicated only at the plants certified by StarForce. For the list of certified plants please see here.

3. CD-R/DVD-R protection with discs in one bundle

Best suited for distribution in small batches. This method includes CD-R or DVD-R media developed by StarForce engineers. No disc key is required to activate a protected disc. Protected discs can be burned using any disc replication equipment or household CD/DVD drive.

+ You purchase discs with built-in protection which can be recorded wherever you like

+ An end user doesn’t need to enter a disc key – there is a silent activation

CD and DVD Copy Protection with StarForce Solutions from StarForce Technologies


Using the StarForce solutions you can significantly reduce losses from piracy and leakage and protect your copyright.

StarForce Disc

StarForce Disc

Protects software distributed on optical media

StarForce Disc protects different kinds of software: training applications, children's educational and developmental applications, games and corporate software.

StarForce Disc provides a reliable binding between an application and a disc with the help of unique StarForce technology that prevents copying protected discs and running them in virtual drives (prevents disc emulation).

More details about the product’s features and benefits

StarForce Audio/Video

StarForce Audio/Video

Protects multimedia content (audio and video files) distributed on optical media.

StarForce Audio/Video provides the best possible protection for video and audio files against copying and piracy. The content is moved to a special, temper-resistant container that hides the content from pirates. Only StarForce Player can access this container and playback the protected files.

The solution allows to:

  • Customize the look of the StarForce Player according to the customer’s needs.
  • Add digital watermarks for copyright protection.

More details about the product’s features and benefits

StarForce Content

StarForce Content

Protects electronic documents in PDF, DOC(x), PPT and HTML formats.

The product family of StarForce Content includes StarForce Content PDF Disc, StarForce Content PPT Disc and StarForce Content HTML Disc. These products provide protection for documents, catalogs and presentations intended to be distributed on CDs and DVDs as well as via the Internet.

To learn more about this product please contact StarForce sales manager or visit the site.



Protects files in DVD-Video format to be played on home DVD players and other multimedia devices.

Movies and training courses on DVD discs are popular with pirates. After distribution of a motion picture, studios as a rule produce licensed copies of the film on DVD, which usually soon afterwards appear in the public domain on the Internet, thanks to the efforts of the pirate community.

StarForce provides via a special partnership program reliable protection for files in DVD-Video format against illegal distribution, both over the web and physical due to replication.

To learn more about the protection of DVD-Video, please contact a StarForce sales manager.

Digital Key

Digital Key

Allows using a CD or a DVD as a digital key to gain access to a software application or content.

Optical media can be used as an access key for any software application or electronic document. In this case the protected file can be distributed on any media or be downloaded from the Internet. Usually customers select this variant if a protected file is too large to fit on a standard CD or DVD.

To learn more about digital key, please contact a StarForce sales manager.

StarForce Universal

StarForce Universal

Protects software with a possibility to change the distribution channel within one protection project.

This product combines the features of StarForce Disc and StarForce ProActive, offering the publisher an opportunity to use both PC and disc binding within one protection project. It suits customers who first plan to distribute software products on discs but want to have the option to sell via internet as well. Selecting StarForce Universal makes it easy to deliver patches, additional features, and downloadable content to users.

More details about the product’s features and benefits.