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Optical disc protection. CD and DVD protection

Despite of widespread use of digital sales channels, CDs and DVDs are still popular due to their economical way to distribute electronic information in the regions with the poor internet penetration. Futhermore, using of CDs and DVDs is the best option if you want to get protected files wich are bound to the physical objects instead of a user’s device. Use of CD/DVD closely related to optical disc protection.

Any type of data can be recorded on discs, whether software for commercial use or eLearning materials for students. Nevertheless, writable CDs and DVDs can be bought in any store and the information can be copied from one disc to another and spread without permission from the copyright holder. However, how to ensure optical disc protection?

Adding copy CD/DVD protection technology to optical discs remains the only effective measure against this kind of piracy. We offer a reliable optical disc protection solution, which is invisible to end-users but it becomes an unbreakable barrier for potential pirates.

We care about user's experience, so end users will never know about the built-in StarForce protection system until they use it in a legitimate way.

How optical disс protection works

The main method of CD/DVD protection is "binding" to a physical object that can’t be imitated.

First, the files are protected with StarForce solution, than the content is bound to the original optical disc topology, so the files can’t be launched from replicated or emulated CD and DVD discs.

1 CD copy protection StarForce protects the files by encrypting them in a special way.
2 Disc protection with key A key for decryption is located on a CD or a DVD.
3 Copy protected disc The protected files can be opened only if the original disc with the key is inserted in the user's personal computer.

Would you like to burn files by yourself or order CD/DVDs at a manufacturing plant?

CD copy protection at plant
DVD copy protection at home

To order CD/DVDs at a manufacturing plant

Optical media plant

CD/DVD protection with disc keys

A disc key is required to activate a protected disc. The CD/DVD protection system matches the disc key entered by a user to the physical parameters of the protected disc. Protected discs can be replicated without additional equipment at any facility.

Discs can be printed in any number at any replication plant.
An end user enters a disc key manually at the first run of a protected disc.

CD/DVD protection without disc keys (Keyless)

No disc key is required to activate a protected disc. When the disc is activated, the protection system authenticates the disc automatically and no actions are required from the user. Protected discs can be replicated without additional equipment, but only at the plants certified by StarForce. Optical disc protection will be at a high level.

An end user doesn’t need to enter a disc key – there is a silent activation.
Discs can be replicated only at the plants certified by StarForce. For the list of certified plants please see here

To burn files on discs by yourself

Burn CD at home

CD-R/DVD-R protection with discs in one bundle

It is best suited for distribution in small batches. The method developed by StarForce engineers includes CD-R or DVD-R media. Disc key isn't required to activate a protected disc. By the way, protected discs can be burned using any disc replication equipment or household CD/DVD drive.

You purchase discs with built-in CD/DVD protection which can be recorded wherever you like
An end user doesn’t need to enter a disc key – there is a silent activation
You need to order CDs and DVDs from StarForce Technologies (Russia)

USB drive binding instead of CD/DVD

We highly recommend a USB flash drive to use instead of CD/DVD if you are planning to create protected materials by your own. In this case, you can take any USB Flash Drive you like and prepare your content for distribution within a few hours without leaving your home.

You use any USB flash drives which can be recorded wherever you like

Read more about copy protection on USB drives


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How much does it cost?   The cost includes a license for 12 months and a fee for CD/DVD quantity. To learn the details please complete the form above.
Can I use usual CDs and DVDs which can be bought at any store to burn protected files?   StarForce protection is based on binding to an optical disc which has unique characteristics that cannot be falsified. That is why we designed special CDs and DVDs with nonstandard geometry, where keys for decryption are located. For small batches we offer to purchase discs from our office in Moscow, Russia, and big batches can be ordered at local plants certified by StarForce.
Can I copy protected files from a StarForce CD or DVD?   The files can be copied but they will be encrypted. And a user will not be able open them without a StarForce disc inserted in the PC.
What types of files can be protected?   The list is the following:
  • Applications (exe, dll).
  • Video and audio (avi, mpeg, mp4, mp3, etc.).
  • Flash files (flv, swf).
  • Documents (pdf, doc, xls, jpg, etc.).
  • HTML files.
  • Presentations (ppt).

Is there a difference between protection of different types of files: applications, video and documents?   Yes, there is some difference. Every file format requires special algorithms and protection tools.
Can I protect files and burn discs by myself or do I need to send it to StarForce?   You can choose the variant you like. For protecting software and multimedia files you may need programming skills.
Is it possible to use protected DVDs in DVD players or other devices besides a PC?   No, it isn’t. Protected discs work in PCs with Windows OS only.

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