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ATM Security

ATM Security

Protection from hacker attacks and cyber-threats

According to the ATM International Association (ATMIA), cybercrime poses the third greatest threat after skimming and physical impact. The survey was based on the responses of ATMIA members from 37 countries. According to new data from Kaspersky Lab in 2016 we will see a serious increase of cyber attacks. The next step for cyber attackers is to hack into bank networks and to get access to ATMs in real time.

Modern broadband connection development and the growth of ATM numbers increase the opportunities for cybercriminals to steal money and clients’ personal data without physical interaction with an ATM.

More than that, all automated systems, for example, terminals for traffic light system control, are managed by software. There is always some risk that an intruder may penetrate and take control of a system. Penetration is possible by finding vulnerabilities within software that were not yet detected during initial tests or during deployment.

So the aim is to protect software to prevent intruders finding those vulnerabilities and exploiting them.

StarForce Technologies offers protection in two ways:

  • ATM protection by detecting any attempts to run unauthorized software and by preventing external devices to connect.
  • ATM source code protection against analysis, disassembling and reverse engineering which makes it very difficult to find vulnerabilities to penetrate the system.

ATM source code protection against analysis and hacking

ATM integrity preservation and software launching control

TPSecure protects ATMs, POS systems and kiosks against unauthorized data access and software changes.

TPSecure is designed to provide protection for ATMs and other electronic self-service devices from internal and external threats. It means that it allows to control the actions of service personnel and to prevent hacker attacks.

The benefits of TPSecure are a great variety of monitoring and logging functions, easy installation and low cost for purchasing and operation.

TPSecure helps banks meet PCI DSS compliance because having this kind of protective software on ATMs is a must for banks.

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ATM source code protection against analysis and hacking

ATM source code protection against analysis and hacking

StarForce solution obfuscates software to prevent disassembly and reverse engineering.

Obfuscation is essential when there is a high risk that software can be hacked. The risks can be different: to lose DRM keys, financial data, personal data and an incident can cause both financial and reputational losses.

This StarForce solution can be used to protect Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Andoid OS, iOS applications as well as any firmware written in C++.

The key benefit of StarForce Obfuscator is the support of 30 obfuscation methods which can be adjusted to find an optimal balance between security and operation speed.

StarForce C/C++ Obfuscator is one of the best obfuscation solutions on the market thanks to its rich functionality and long-term operation without being compromised.

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