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StarForce ProActive

StarForce ProActive

This reliable solution is designed to protect end user software distributed on any digital media and over the Internet against illegal distribution and use, commercial replication and private copying, reverse engineering and cracking.

StarForce ProActive is recommended for the protection of multimedia applications: computer games, educational, entertainment and other end user software.

StarForce product provides protection against the following threats

  • commercial replication and private copying;
  • illegal software distribution;
  • breach of license (expiration time, number of activations, etc.);
  • analysis and reverse engineering.

StarForce ProActive combines reliable software code protection technology with a flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM) system and supports the following licensing models:

DemoProvides the product with reduced functionality, but without time limitations.  |  TrialAllows a user to use your software product for free on your terms. After the trial period ends, the user can only continue using the application in case a license is purchased.  |  Try&DieProvides the end user access to the product for a certain period of time, without a paid license. After this trial period expires, the application can no longer be run.  |  Buy OnlyProvides full access to the product with a valid (paid) license.

How StarForce ProActive works

After an application has been protected on StarForce Server, its code has some modification that prevents the software from running, unless two tests have been passed:

  • Check for Licensing Compliance;
  • Authentication of the license. This includes the verification of a serial number and the user’s PC.

The existence of a license is confirmed by a valid serial number. A serial number is a unique string of characters that identifies a specific license. License restrictions for each serial number can be edited using StarForce’s License Control Service. This Service has a user friendly web interface that helps to manage licenses in one click, e.g. to renew or revoke licenses, to change functional limitations or the number of end users.

The application can run only on a particular computer. Binding of the application to the computer occurs during installation or first launch. During the activation, information about the parameters of the computer is attached to the serial number. It's stored by the StarForce License Control Service. Connection to the StarForce License Control Service is not required for the next launches.

StarForce ProActive versions

StarForce offers the following licensing schemes:

Basic - Low-cost protection for low-priced software. Supports Buy Only licensing model.

Pro - Fully customizable protection for all types of software.

Elite - Maximum protection for all types of software.

Protection options
Protection incl. Buy Only licensing model      
Support of Demo / Trial / Try&Die licensing models      
Function protection (export/import)      
Extra protection with hidden classes      
Data file protection      
GUI customization      
StarForce SDK included      
Application deactivation
Add Activations Automatically
Serial number editing  
Time Limited Tamper Resistance Warranty      

 -  this service is available at extra charge.
High level of tamper resistance is achieved due to unique StarForce obfuscation technology.
Software protection is performed over the Internet (StarForce Cloud) which provides mobility, a simple protection procedure and fast reaction of StarForce technical support, if necessary.
Wide variety of licensing models with flexible settings.
Several versions of the product depending on the required level of safety and client’s demands.
Statistics reports for marketing analysis and sales forecasting.
StarForce Technologies constantly issues updates and adds new features for StarForce ProActive.

Software development companies as well as freelance developers create a lot of different applications for end users: COTS, custom software, games, educational software, etc. To protect software against reverse engineering and unauthorized distribution you can use StarForce ProActive, a professional copy protection solution.

Copy protection

StarForce ProActive copy protection system is implemented by binding a copy of software to a personal computer. Binding ensures a protected application can only run on a specific computer. This prevents illegal copying and software distribution by third parties.

Case Study. Copy protection of educational software

Educational Computer Technologies develops paid educational courses for various purposes. These training programs comprise the intellectual property of the company, so the company decided to protect their products against copying and piracy with a StarForce solution.

Reliable protection of educational software is achieved by binding it to the end user’s computer. This solution helps to block pirate distribution of software and significantly reduces the risk of profit loss for developer.

Protection against license violation

Protection against license violation is provided by the StarForce Digital Rights Management System (DRM).  StarForce DRM provides a developer an opportunity to choose parameters of protected product activation and use. It allows to configure settings individually for each product. End user actions can be restricted by license parameters for the protected product.

Case Study. Protection of games against license violation.

StarForce ProActive is successfully used for the licensing of video games released for personal computers. Akella, a Russian software company, specializing in the development, publishing and distribution of video games, uses StarForce solution for over five years.

StarForce DRM offered Akella flexible customization of distribution terms for gaming software thanks to several licensing models. It also allows to collect statistics of software activations for marketing analysis and sales forecasting.

Also Akella uses StarForce protection for beta and promotional versions of games (licensing models: Try & Die and Demo), and for patches and additions to existing releases, providing protection against cracking at various stages of the product life cycle.

The full text of the customer’s testimonial

Protection via StarForce Cloud

  1. Download and install StarForce Protection Studio (available for free).

  2. Using StarForce Protection Studio, select software functions that will be protected against analysis and reverse engineering. This action is not essential, but strongly recommended for a higher class protection.

  3. Set the parameters of protection and binding.

  4. Customize the elements of the GUI (if needed).

  5. Protect the application via StarForce Cloud (Internet connection is necessary).

  6. Generate test serial numbers.

  7. Test the protected application.

  8. Generate release serial numbers.

  9. Start selling.

Protection by StarForce staff

StarForce offers the following chargeable services:

Protection is performed by StarForce employees and may include:

  • Protection with functions selection;
  • Protection without functions selection;
  • Protection with functions to be selected by the customer.

Analysis of the protection performed by the customer.

Supported Technologies

StarForce ProActive supports the protection of the following file formats:

  • applications compiled in a PE-file containing executable machine code (native code) for processors x8632 and x8664. These files usually have exe or dll extension.
  • applications compiled into an .NET executable file (managed code). These files also usually have exe or dll extension. StarForce ProActive supports the following versions of Net framework: 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4,5.
  • immutable data files of any format. During protection StarForce ProActive encrypts the content of data files and hides the files in containers.

Example of programs to protect:

  • Educational and entertaining software written in C++, Delphi, Flash, Java, Python.
  • Installers.
  • Games developed by .Net game engines and their unique data (location, characters, levels, textures, etc.).

Please contact us if you need a consultation from our specialist.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows Vista 32/64-bit.
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit.
  • Windows 8 32/64-bit.
  • Mac and Linux with Wine
  • Windows Server 32/64-bit.

StarForce ProActive editions side by side

  Basic Pro Elite
Protection options
Protection level basic customizable maximum
Code obfuscation
Function protection - + +
Extra protection with hidden classes - + +
Protection of unlimited number of files + + +
Data file protection - + +
Hardware binding customization + + +
StarForce SDK included - + +
Time Limited Tamper Resistance Warranty - - +
DRM options
Available licensing modes Buy Only Demo, Trial, Try & Die; Buy Only Demo, Trial, Try & Die; Buy Only
Licensing options and settings
Serial number expiration date + + +
License start date + + +
License expiration date + + +
License duration + + +
Serial number regional settings + + +
Maximum number of runs setting + + +
Continuous run setting + + +
Periodic license check + + +
Serial number blacklisting + + +
Serial number activation/generation statistics
By date + + +
By product name + + +
By distribution channel + + +
By serial number or batch + + +
By country + + +
By activations + + +
Overall statistics + + +
Additional options
GUI customization - + +
Application deactivation + + +
Add Activations Automatically + + +
Serial number editing - + +