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Protection of electronic documents.
HTML files, DOC(x), PDF protection

against unauthorized viewing and illegal distribution

What is copyright protection?

Nowadays, most information is created, stored and transmitted in the form of electronic documents. This can be both corporate confidential materials like trade secrets and intellectual property, but also documents for sale (analytical reports, e-learning, etc.) These materials are usually copyrighted and infringements cause direct losses for publishers and authors, who need to organize protection of electronic documents. How to ensure PDF protection and other electronic documents? To find the answer read this article.

We can protect

ebook protection
email protection
corporate documents protection

Our solutions use the StarForce DRM system, which allows to securely protecting all created and transmitted electronic documents against a variety of threats (copyright protection). In addition, it provides the ability to collect statistics, track the movement of secured documents and restrict access to protected content by time.

Types of e-documents

Document copy protection Electronic documents containing confidential information for internal use only within a company: project documentation, guideline books, technology descriptions, databases, etc.
Books copy protection Electronic documents as goods to sell: books, training courses, manuals, handbooks, books, magazines, etc.
Document copy protection Electronic documents for personal use: family photos, research papers, sketches, and drafts that are sent via the Internet.

Protection of electronic documents to sell

We provide protection for publishers, authors, and online bookstores

Electronic book protection

Service: SFContent.com

SFContent.com is a cloud service designed for corporate and private publishers, as well as for online bookstores who need reliable protection of electronic documents, including e-books, magazines, training materials and e-learning programs. The main feature of the service is a built-in DRM system that allows managing distribution and controlling access to secure electronic documents. Nowadays PDF protection is relevant worldwide.

How does SFContent.com ensure copyright protection?

Each user gets a personal account where he/she can manage own projects, generate serial numbers, collect statistics of activations, and integrate projects with online stores with the StarForce API. SFContent.com users don’t need to download additional software to implement protection; all processes are carried out in the browser window, which greatly simplifies the work.

SFContent.com for copyright protection provides copy protection of electronic documents in the following file formats:

pdf file copy protection XLS copy protection table copy protection protect word doc secure word document word document tracking pic copy protection photo copy protection picture copy protection gif copy protection html copy protection

The solution supports a lot of methods to ensure protection of electronic documents, including DOC(x) and PDF protection.

Application to read protected e-documents

We created StarForce Reader, a special free app, that is used to open protected electronic documents (except HTML). You can download it for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Try our solution to guarantee DOC(x) and PDF protection.

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Protection of electronic documents to send via e-mail

Free secure email service for protection of messages and attachments against leakage

Email protection

Service: SFLetter.com

SFLetter.com is a fully-featured email service, which can be used like any other. However, unlike common email services, SFLetter.com allows you to protect outgoing messages and attachments against copying, forwarding, printing, and screen grabbing as well as to track emails by opening time and receiver’s IP address. You can protect any documents: personal (correspondence, photographs, drawings, scientific papers, sketches, etc.) and corporate (reports, plans, schedules, etc.). DOC(x) and PDF protection is included.

Freelancers can be identified as a separate group. They create and send their work to customers by email. Using SFLetter.com, they can avoid theft or unauthorized borrowing of their ideas, and they can block the illegal publication of created digital materials. If you work in the Internet, DOC (x) and PDF protection is necessary for you.

Similar to SFContent.com, all protected emails and attachments are opened with StarForce Reader. The application has built-in protection against illegal copying and forwarding to the third parties. We are pleased to guarantee realible protection of electronic documents for you.

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Protection of corporate electronic documents

pdf document security

We developed StarForce Content Enterprise and StarForce E-m@il Enterprise for corporate users that require the deployment of solutions on the side of the enterprise with specific customization and integration. Both products are responsible for protection of electronic documents and usage control. They guarantee high level of protection of electronic documents.

Document copy protection