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Update 2017.4 Released for StarForce Protection Systems


StarForce Technologies, the leading developer of software solutions to protect programs and digital information against leakage, copying and illegal distribution, has released the forth update for StarForce products.

The most important changes are the following:

  1. The protection of USB flash drives has been improved. We added a new parameter for binding – a logical size of the drive. Also we supported restoring of a damaged license in Protection Studio.

  2. A new mechanism of protection against screenshots is introduced for mobile versions of StarForce Reader. Now after the second screenshot the access to protected document is blocked for 24 hours. Synchronization with the license management servers prevents time manipulation on the device.


  4. We have supported document opening without prior downloading. When using links like: href = "sfpdf: // www ..." StarForce Reader is called and the file is opened without saving on the device. This allows you to speed up and simplify the viewing of small documents distributed by links.
  5. How it looks

    View the file

  6. Application compilation failure during SDK generation has been fixed.

  7. User and video guides have been updated.

Detailed information is available for clients on the corporate site in the Members zone and in the Update section of Protection Studio.

About StarForce Technologies

StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com) is a leading vendor of information protection, copy protection and code obfuscation solutions for software, electronic content and audio/video files. Since 2000, StarForce has been successfully developing and implementing its state-of-the-art security solutions, providing copyright and intellectual property protection worldwide. Two of these solutions were transformed into StarForce cloud services: sfcontent.com protects e-Documents against illegal copying and distribution and sfletter.com secures emails.

StarForce is a reliable and responsible Technological Partner for enterprises potentially incurring losses due to cyber-gangs, hackers, software piracy, unauthorized data access and information leaks. StarForce’s customers are Russian Railways, Corel, 1C, Mail.ru, Aeroflot, SUN InBev Russia, AMD Labs, ATC International, MediaHouse, Russobit M, New Disc, Buka, Snowball, 2Play, GFI, CENEGA, Akella, etc.

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