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StarForce Technologies Provides Protection for Pangea's High-Technology Software Systems for Geophysical and Geological Data Processing


Pangea's software solutions are a logging system that incorporates the most progressive advances in the field of interpretation of well data, and uses expandable, scalable and interactive technology solutions.

The result of using Pangea is a significant decrease in time required to process the geophysical data, as well as accumulation of knowledge and algorithms, which leads to a further increase in the quality and reliability of the interpretation.

The ModERn software package is unique in its kind and has high intellectual value for both the developer and the end user. Therefore, Pangea has decided to protect its products from hacking and illegal use with the StarForce ProActive solution.

StarForce ProActive has long established itself as one of the best software protecting tools on the market. Together with a customizable licensing system, a ban on running the software under debuggers and on virtual machines, this solution provides the feature to enables the binding of the protected software to both computer parameters and USB flash drive parameters for a more flexible distribution policy for the end product.

‘The number and the variety of developed software grows exponentially in connection with the active implementation of solutions for automation of processes, calculations and forecasting in all industries,’ says Pavel Korobov, Marketing and PR Specialist at StarForce Technologies. ‘Our task as a developer of copy protection solutions is to help developers of unique and complex software not only to retain the profit from sales, but also — the most important thing — to ensure the integrity of their programs and to protect their unique algorithms from reverse engineering and modification.’

Many international developers of professional and training software use StarForce ProActive. The solution also allows protecting PC games from hacking and copying by providing integration with Steam without making changes to the source code.

About Pangea, Inc.

Since 1994, Pangea, Inc. (www.pangea.ru) is a leading Russian consultant in upstream oil & gas industry and the leading Russian developer of high-technology software systems for geophysical and geological data processing, interpretation and modeling. To provide the highest possible reliability of recommendations, the company also performs geophysical surveys, including seismic, gravitational, and electromagnetic data acquisition supplied by geochemical exploration services. Pangea’s list of customers include most of Russian major oil & gas companies, more than thirty Chinese oilfields, ONGC (India), OMV (Austria), REPSOL (Spain), JOGMEC (Japan), Naftogaz India, GAIL (India) and many others.

About StarForce Technologies

StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com) is a leading vendor of information protection, copy protection and code obfuscation solutions for software, electronic content and audio/video files. Since 2000, StarForce has been successfully developing and implementing its state-of-the-art security solutions, providing copyright and intellectual property protection worldwide.

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