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StarForce ProActive

StarForce ProActive

This reliable solution for software protection and licensing is designed to protect games and other end user software against illegal distribution and pirate use, commercial replication and private copying, reverse engineering and cracking. It has fully functional DRM and Steam integration.

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StarForce ProActive is designed to protect applications, computer games, educational and entertainment software, and downloadable content (DLC). Works with two kinds of binding: to the user's computer and USB-flash drive.

The solution helps to neutralize a number of threats

Piracy protection to prevent illegal software distribution and loss of revenue.
Advanced software license management to control breach of software license (expiration time, number of activations, etc.).
Protection against analysis and reverse engineering.
Protection from running the applications under debuggers (the feature works for both user and system levels).
Protection from running the applications on virtual machines (adjustable parameter).
Protection from running the applications through remote terminal sessions (protection from remote access).

Binding objects

Binding to PC Binding to USB flash drive
User's computer USB flash drive
To access the protected application, a serial number is provided, which must be activated via the Internet the first time the application is launched To open the protected application, the end user is provided with a USB flash drive that contains a digital key

How StarForce ProActive works

After an application has been protected on StarForce Server, its code has some modification that prevents the software from running, unless two tests have been passed:

Possession of the licence and compliance with its limitations Confirmation of the license authenticity
Possession of the licence and compliance
with its limitations
Confirmation of the license authenticity, which consists in verifying the serial number / digital key and the parameters of the computer
(where the protected program is installed) or USB-drive

Binding to computer

The license is checked by a serial number, a unique string of symbols that identifies a specific license. License restrictions for each serial number can be edited with the StarForce license management server, which allows to quickly manage licenses: extend, prohibit, change the functionality limitations.

The application can only work on one particular computer - in such a way protection against copying and piracy is realized. The application is binded to the computer while instalation or when it is launched for the first time. During the activation procedure, information about the computer parameters is attached to the serial number, which is recorded on the StarForce license management server. For further launches, connection to the StarForce license management server is not required.

Binding to USB flash drive

A license recorded on a USB flash drive can also contain restrictions, for example, serial number expiration date or customizable parameter. A protected application will work if the USB drive is permanently connected to the computer. An Internet connection is not required to activate access.

You can combine bindings within a single project.

StarForce ProActive versions

StarForce offers several licensing schemes for its copy protection software.

StarForce ProActive Basic StarForce ProActive Pro StarForce ProActive Elite
Basic Pro Elite
Low-cost protection for low-priced software. Supports Buy Only
licensing model
Fully customizable protection for all types of software Maximum protection for all types of software

Protection options Basic
Protection options
Automatic activation of the protected software via the Internet and the ProActive website      
Protection incl. Buy Only licensing model      
Support of Demo / Trial / Try&Die licensing models      
Function selection to increase the level of software protection      
Protection of internal variables of the software      
Data file protection      
GUI customization      
Protection of several executable files in a single protection session      
StarForce SDK included      
Application deactivation
Add Activations Automatically
Serial number editing  
Time Limited Tamper Resistance Warranty      

 - this service is available at extra charge.

Distribution models for protected programs (binding to computer)

StarForce ProActive combines reliable software code protection technology with a flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM) system and supports the following licensing models:

Demo Trial Try&Die Buy Only
Provides the product with reduced functionality, but without time limitations. Allows a user to use your software product for free on your terms. After the trial period ends, the user can only continue using the application in case a license is purchased. Provides the end user access to the product for a certain period of time, without a paid license. After this trial period expires, the application can no longer be run. Provides full access to the product with a valid (paid) license.

Our clients

tamper resistance High level of tamper resistance is achieved through code conversion in commands of secure Virtual Machine.
Automatic activation Automatic activation of serial numbers. StarForce servers are located around the world, including Germany, China and USA, which allows to guarantee automatic activation for end-users via the Internet and on the ProActive website (if a PC where a protected software is installed does not have an Internet connection).
Integration with Steam Integration with Steam, an online game platform. Changes to the source code are not needed.
product protection Fast product protection over Internet (from work and from home).
distribution protected software An option to distribute protected software product on any media and over the Internet.
Wide variety of licensing models Wide variety of licensing models with flexible settings.
flexible binding Reliable and flexible binding to a computer's configuration.
binding to USB flash drive Ability to bind a protected product to any USB flash drives.
Integration of protection into software build in automatic mode.
Protection for promo and beta versions Protection for promo and beta versions, as well as downloadable content (DLC) for computer games.
license check Periodic license confirmation.
16 GUI languages Support of more than 16 GUI languages.
Statistics reports Statistics reports for marketing analysis and sales forecasting.
updates StarForce Technologies constantly issues updates and adds new features for StarForce ProActive.

StarForce ProActive product is commonly used by hundreds of companies all over the world to protect applications against illegal copying and unauthorized distribution. Below are represented some interesting cases.

Protection of end-user software and mass computer games
against piracy and hacking

Eagle Dynamics

Eagle Dynamics

Eagle Dynamics company develops computer games. Digital Combat Simulator – is a game that simulates air warfare. The basic version of the game is free for the users. It provides two airplanes and limited number of missions and locations. The revenue is generated from DLC: additional aircrafts and ground weapons, maps and additional functionality.

The main marketplace is the company`s web-site DigitalCombatSimulator.com, the game is also distributed via Steam. The prices of the DCS products are about $9-$60.

Eagle Dynamics has used StarForce protection technologies since 2005. Now, Eagle Dynamics uses binding to the user PC and online activation of serial numbers.

StarForce technologies provide a reliable level of protection for the games and DLC modules against unauthorized copying without loss of the game performance. The game producer can comfortably use StarForce Protection system while the gamers can give themselves to the pleasure of delicious graphics and exciting game story.

DLC protection for full-featured games is a promising solution for the developers and publishers. It allows to protect any desirable quantity of additional modules that can be issued after the main title release. As a result, the cost of anti-piracy protection system for the developers and publishers is decreasing.

Protection of e-learning materials



Mercibo offers educational games for kids. The games are professionally designed to sharpen particular child`s skills in multi-level tasks to support the particular child's possibilities and sufficiently achieve pedagogical goals.

The main marketplace is the Mercibo website: Mersibo.ru.

The prices for the products vary within $12-$35.

Mercibo has used StarForce protection system since 2013. Initially it was CD copy protection (StarForce Disc), later the combination of the protected CDs and online activation was used, in 2017 protected USB flash drives were added.

Mercibo uses protection system that includes online activation and special protection of applications. It provides the end users with the most convenient conditions of use. To activate a protected software product a serial number delivered together with the software. The serial number is required only once during the first game cession. Protection against unauthorized copying is realized by binding of the application (game) to the particular user`s computer system parameters (hardware and software). Protection system allows launching the protected software only on the verified computer whose particular system parameters correspond to the particular serial number (software license). It prevents unauthorized copying and distribution.

StarForce USB flash drive protection technology lets opening files on different personal computers. There is no need for the Internet connection. The main requirement to run the protected software is to keep USB flash-drive inserted into the USB connector.

Protection via StarForce Cloud

1 Download and install StarForce Protection Studio (available for free).
2 Using StarForce Protection Studio, select software functions that will be protected against analysis and reverse engineering. This action is not essential, but strongly recommended for a higher class protection.
3 Set the parameters of protection and binding.
4 Customize the elements of the GUI (if needed).
5 Protect the application via StarForce Cloud (Internet connection is necessary).
6 Generate test serial numbers.
7 Test the protected application.
8 Generate release serial numbers.
9 Start selling.

Protection by StarForce staff

StarForce offers the following chargeable services

Protection is performed by StarForce employees and may include:

Protection with functions selection.
Protection without functions selection.
Protection with functions to be selected by the customer.

Analysis of the protection performed by the customer.

Supported technologies

StarForce ProActive supports the protection of the following file formats:

Applications compiled in a PE-file containing executable machine code (native code) for processors x8632 and x8664. These files usually have exe or dll extension.
Applications compiled into an .NET executable file (managed code). These files also usually have exe or dll extension.
Immutable data files of any format. During protection StarForce ProActive encrypts the content of data files and hides the files in containers.

Example of programs to protect:

Educational and entertaining software written in C++, Delphi, Flash, Java, Python.
Games developed by .Net game engines and their unique data (location, characters, levels, textures, etc.).

Please contact us if you need a consultation from our specialist.

Supported operating systems for protected applications

Windows Vista 32/64-bit. Windows 10 32/64-bit.
Windows 7 32/64-bit. Mac и Linux with usage of Wine.
Windows 8 32/64-bit. Windows Server 32/64-bit.

StarForce ProActive editions side by side

  Basic Pro Elite
Protection options
Protection level basic customizable maximum
Code obfuscation
Function protectionA function is a named section of the source code (subroutine) that can be called from another section of the program. Protection of function is optional and is designed to significantly increase the level of protection of the code of executable files from hacking. During protection, a function is deleted from the source code of the developer’s module and is moved to the protection core. When the protected function is called at run-time, the application transfers the control to the protection core, and the function execution is hidden. - + +
Protection of internal variables of the applicationTo protect internal variables of the application from unauthorized access/modification, protected (secured) classes from StarForce API are used instead of built-in types (integer types, floating point types). Such protection makes the modification of the application variables at run-time much more difficult. - + +
Protection of several executable files in a single protection sessionThe application can consist of several executable files: .EXE and .DLL. The Pro version allows protecting them all in a single protection session. The Basic version allows protecting a single file only. - + +
Data file protectionData files can be any information that the application contains: text, digits, videos, etc. When data files are protected, their contents are encrypted and the files are hidden in a container file. The contents of the container file are decrypted automatically when the file is accessed from the protected executable file. - + +
StarForce SDKStarForce ProActive SDK allows the customer to embed the license and activation management service into the customer’s website (for example, the script that automatically generates a serial number with the required settings, right after the purchase). - + +
Time Limited Tamper Resistance WarrantyThe main feature of the Elite version is tamper resistance warranty. Duration and cost should always be discussed with each customer individually. - - +
DRM options
Available licensing modes Buy Only Demo, Trial, Try & Die; Buy Only Demo, Trial, Try & Die; Buy Only
Licensing options and settings
Serial number expiration date + + +
License start date + + +
License expiration date + + +
License duration + + +
Serial number regional settings + + +
Maximum number of runs setting + + +
Continuous run setting + + +
Periodic license confirmation + + +
Serial number blacklisting + + +
Serial number activation/generation statistics
By date + + +
By product name + + +
By countries + + +
By serial number or batch + + +
Custom reports - + +
Additional options
GUI customization - + +
Application deactivationDeactivation is used as a part of license transfer. License transfer is the technology that allows the end user to transfer the application protected with binding to computer, to another computer while preserving the license. The end user can use license transfer to transfer the product from one computer to another, or to change the computer configuration. + + +
Add Activations AutomaticallyAdding activations automatically also applies to the long-term use of the protected product. Unlike deactivation, the end user uses a new license (activation) when she/he transfers the application to another computer in this case. The developer specifies when a new license should be added. + + +
Serial number editingThe customer can change the parameters of a generated serial number or of a batch of serial numbers. Thus, the customer can change the lifetime of serial numbers, maximum number of the application runs, etc. (See section 3.5.2.) - + +

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