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StarForce services

Since 1998 StarForce has helped software developers and publishers and the authors of e-documents and other electronic content to improve their business and increase their profits.. We have accumulated substantial and extensive experience in protecting software from unlicensed users and professional hackers.

We would be happy to share our experience with you.

StarForce provides the following services:

  • Software protection implementation by our own engineers with or without source code modification;
  • Training the customer’s technicians and other specialists in StarForce software protection implementation:
    • Effective integration of StarForce protection into the customer’s software;
    • Personal ‘web office’ training:
      • Managing and controlling customer software distribution effectively;
      • Working wellwith our customer’s partners.
  • «Batch On Demand», a new service for customers who protect their software with the StarForce disk binding technology and distribute it on DVD disks in small batches. StarForce will arrange for direct delivery to the customer’s office;
  • Consulting in different protection strategies that cover the entire software life cycle;
  • Consulting and research in software resistance to hacking, code analysis, unauthorised use and other illegal activity;
  • Customised solutions to meet individual client needs;
  • StarForce software customisation to client-specific types of software, distribution and application;
  • Integration and deployment of StarForce services on the customer’s own premises (for clients who purchase or lease custom StarForce protection and/or activation systems);
  • Consulting with and training the customer’s own technical specialists (for clients who purchase StarForce solutions);
  • For more information please contact your account manager.


We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for Android
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for iOS
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for macOS
We have released a new version of StarForce Reader for Windows
Copy protection of audios and videos for Apple macOS
Data protection on USB