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Custom Copy Protection Solutions

Custom solutions for PC/MAC/Linux platforms

Do what you're good at. Leave the rest to us.

Given the vast number of business models within the current software industry, it is very likely that an existing solution will not fulfill the needs of all customers. For that reason our custom software solutions are made to fit a particular customers business model as well as existing software and hardware environment.

StarForce engineers have extensive experience in designing custom software. We can build top quality applications bottom up, based on your requirements and within a reasonable timeframe.

Custom designs for mobile platforms

Mobile devices provide software companies with additional distribution opportunities. However, software piracy related risks apply to the mobile software market as well. Effective intellectual property protection solutions are essential to secure higher revenues from mobile content, but in many respects differ from copy protection and digital rights management solutions for personal computers.

Based on our multi-year experience in digital data security, StarForce offers custom solutions for mobile content protection on various platforms.

The key advantage of custom solutions is their applicability to specific business models. We develop and implement reliable security tools tailored to your business, which are effective, transparent, undemanding and user-friendly at the same time.

If software piracy undermines your business, call StarForce today to get a highly reliable and flexible mobile content security tool.

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