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"CES 2015 was a superb event in terms of the amount of new technologies per square foot, which have been referred to numerous times by reporters for tech websites. As for me, a person fully immersed in the world of information security, the show resulted in mixed feelings", - Evgeny Chereshnev, Chief Mobile Business Officer (CMBO) at Kaspersky Lab.
Code obfuscation provides quite efficient protection against software disassembly.
The main idea of copy protection is simple. You need to find an object that has two properties: the first, each end user should have it, and the second, it should be difficult to duplicate it. Usually such an object is called a binding object, because it is used to bind an e-document or a program to a definite end-user.
Anti-Malware.ru asks questions to Alexander Zatsepin, CTO at StarForce and Natalia Yashenkova, Head of Marketing and PR at StarForce. This interview continues cycle of publications titled “Persons of the Industry”.
The basic mathematical model for the dynamics of the number of legal and counterfeit customers of computer games and other innovative products is presented. The model is based on the information propagation and information warfare models. The analysis is conducted using the theory of ordinary differential equations. It is shown that results are in qualitative agreement with empirical data by Protection Technology Research company (PTR).
The popularity of electronic books has increased dramatically within the last five years as mobile devices have become widely spread.
Everyone who uses e-mail sometimes thinks about how well the transmitted information is protected from prying eyes. Indeed, a message to be transferred travels a long way between different computers and mobile devices before it reaches a recipient; the intentions of the owners of these devices are unknown.
This article describes hardware and software division on the mobile platform market. “Mobile platform” means mass handheld devices with an autonomous power source designated for solving a large variety of general tasks: entertainment, communications and business.
We use an email almost every day as a mean for sending important documents to other people. Usually we send documents outside the security perimeter of an organization. It means the documents are being sent to external recipients.
When you use electronic mail as a means of transferring important confidential information, several problems arise that concern the reliability of protection of such information against unauthorized viewing. Information security experts all around the world face the problem of secure transfer of data and documents attached to electronic messages.

One cannot imagine modern education without the Internet. The global network has become not only the means of forwarding educational information, but also a virtual classroom that can accommodate thousands of students simultaneously.

Dmitry Gusev, deputy marketing director for StarForce Technologies was interviewed by leading Russian information security portal Antimalware.ru.
On November, 2nd 2012, the GhostShell hacker group has published an announcement on the Internet. It threatened to start wide-range activities with the aim to crack information resources of Russian government institutions. The operation was called ‘Project BlackStar’. The hackers thus spoke their discontent with the current situation in Russia and the government policy.
Software is the essential component of any software platform. The convenience of obtaining, installing and updating applications is very important for wide-spread user-oriented platforms, such as the Android and iOS.
Recently Symantec issued interesting study that clearly indicated that Third World War has already began. As many predicted this war takes place in cyber space and is notable for sophisticated methods used.
Almost every developer and publisher of business software (SW) at least once has thought about using in his product some type of DRM-system (Digital Rights Management system). In such case, the final decision on whether to use DRM was made on the basis of analysis of properties of the system, such as its tamper resistance and support of required software distribution business scheme. The analysis shows that these properties are strongly related. This article is dedicated to the consideration of this relation.
<p>ATMIA (Automated Teller Machines Industry Association, <a href="http://www.atmia.com/" >http://www.atmia.com/</a>, an international non-profit organization) recently issued the 2<sup>nd</sup> version of its ATM Software Security Best Practices Guide. This version is the first to give serious coverage to protection from cyber attacks against ATM software.</p>
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