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Hackers secretly want bill to become law, claims starforce


The attacks on two major US telecoms trade associations by cyber security hackers may be elaborate attempts to hoodwink the American government into rushing through ‘draconian’ legislation which opponents say is aimed at censoring internet activity and content.

On the face of it, distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks on TechAmerica and US Telecom were carried out because both organisations support a controversial new bill which proposes to give the government more power to protect its infrastructures against cyber attacks.

However, information security expert Dmitry Guseff from StarForce Technologies claims the real reason is that the hackers actually want the bill to become law. He believes hackers like Anonymous – the group claiming responsibility for the latest attacks – feel that heavy-handed, ponderous state intervention will play right into the hands of cyber criminals.

Earlier this year StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com), an international market leader in software protection and information security, wrote to the United States Congress warning against introducing cumbersome legislation to counter the risks to national and international security.

Guseff, deputy marketing director at StarForce, urged Greg Walden, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology sub-committee, to consider using private sector expertise. The Russian company has never received a response.

Speaking after the attack on the two trade associations – apparently for their support of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) – Guseff said: “I’m convinced things are not what they appear to be on the surface. The attacks are calculated measures by the hackers and are purely to further their own intentions in the future.

“They have probably taken the view that if this bill becomes law it will tie the hands of private security vendors who really could make life more difficult for hackers and those intent on breaching security.”

About StarForce Technologies

StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com) is a leading vendor of information protection, copy protection and code obfuscation solutions for software, electronic content and audio/video files. Since 2000, StarForce has been successfully developing and implementing its state-of-the-art security solutions, providing copyright and intellectual property protection worldwide. Two of these solutions were transformed into StarForce cloud services: sfcontent.com protects e-Documents against illegal copying and distribution and sfletter.com secures emails.

StarForce is a reliable and responsible Technological Partner for enterprises potentially incurring losses due to cyber-gangs, hackers, software piracy, unauthorized data access and information leaks. StarForce’s customers are Russian Railways, Corel, 1C, Mail.ru, Aeroflot, SUN InBev Russia, AMD Labs, ATC International, MediaHouse, Russobit M, New Disc, Buka, Snowball, 2Play, GFI, CENEGA, Akella, etc.

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