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Software developers

StarForce Technologies has unique technologies that allow us to provide superior protection for any software. Even if the protection cannot be performed by basic StarForce products, the company's specialists have sufficient competence and expertise in the field of information security, to develop special protection procedure for your software product.

StarForce products neutralize the following threats:

  • analysis and reverse engineering;
  • unauthorized copying and distribution (piracy);
  • violation of the license agreement.

StarForce Technologies:

  • Data protection. This technology is created for protection of unchangeable program data. Those who don’t know about existing data file will not find it in the program folder. So data file can’t be read and modificated.
  • Compilator of program modules strongly protected from analysis and modification. This technology is created for compilation of executable files translated into nonstandard p-code program language.
  • C++ source code obfuscation. StarForce Obfuscator takes source code of a C++ program and modifies it into obfuscated source codes which can be compiled by a usual С++ compiler. This technology suits for applications created for any operational system.
  • Rebuilding of С++ and .Net modules. Technology is realized as a program library written on C#. It provides a tool for disassembling executable native- и .Net modules. Then a developer can modify code or data build it back.
  • Software license management provides a tool for developing and building own system of license management for software and other digital information. It allows collecting usage statistics in real time.
  • Function protection against analysis, modification, reestablishment for native- and .Net applications. It is performed by linking a protecting module to protection core. Without breaking down the connection between protection core and protecting module it is impossible to destroy protection against illegal distribution. That means while this connection exists to run a protected application on unauthorized device or from a pirate disk is hardly possible. As well it can be used for hiding of important functions of the application.
  • Other technologies.

StarForce Benefits:

  • The most reliable software protection technology in the world. Leading software developers testify to the efficacy of StarForce solutions.
  • Flexible approach to software protection: regardless whether you have access to application source code or not, a wide range of security features allows you to assemble a customized protection solution tailored to your software product.
  • Software protection for an application's entire life cycle: from development, beta testing and demos to release, patches and updates.
  • Fast protection implementation. It is possible to implement protection in 5-10 minutes.
  • Multilingual Graphical User Interface (GUI) with built-in help. StarForce GUI supports 17 languages.
  • International support. Whether you are in New Zealand or Iceland you will always receive professional technical support on a timely basis.


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