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    Software protection against
    reverse engineering

    StarForce C++ Obfuscator Benefits:

    • Code obfuscation, compiled for any operational system and processor
    • Support of more than 30 obfuscation methods, e.g., conversion of C++ code into virtual machine code, encryption of strings and arrays, insertion of dummy links, etc.
    • StarForce C++ Obfuscator converts both source code and binary code that greatly increases the level of protection against cracking
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    StarForce MMOG

    Innovative protection for online games against bots, hacks and cheats.

    • Protection of game source code against reverse engineering and cracking.
    • Protection against hooking of system functions.
    • Protection of traffic between game client and server.
    • Protection against game server replacement.
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    StarForce Content

    Reliable security PDF-, DOC/DOCX-, XLS/XLSX-, PPT- and HTML-documents, JPG/JPEG-, PNG-, GIF-files and Distribution control system

    • Protection of documents against unauthorized access and distribution.
    • Protect Protection against screen capturing.
    • Print management tool.
    • Statistics of sales and file access.
    • Documents can be distributed via any media and online.
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    StarForce Disc

    Professional protection for software and content distributed on optical media.

    • Protection against copying and illegal distribution.
    • Protection against professional and casual copying and emulation.
    • Application functionality limitation is depending on the Disc Key parameters.
    • StarForce certified partner plants worldwide.
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    StarForce ProActive

    High-tech protection of application source code and distribution control system.

    • Protection of application source code against analysis and cracking.
    • Statistics of software usage and sales.
    • Application functionality limitation is depending on the type of license.
    • Distribution via any media and online.
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    StarForce Audio/Video

    Reliable protection for audio/video files and distribution control systems.

    • Protection for video files AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4 etc.
    • Protection for audio files MP3, OGG, WMA etc.
    • Statistics of media files usage and sales.
    • Distribution via any media and online.
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    StarForce E-m@il

    Professional solution to protect emails and attached documents.

    • E-mail messages protection with a single click.
    • High-level protection against cracking.
    • Attachment usage statistic.