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A special research, performed by StarForce Technologies, has confirmed that PDF and SFPDF files opened with StarForce Reader cannot initiate the leakage of NTLM hashes, because this application does not support the Windows mechanism used in the exploitation of this vulnerability.
SFContent.com provides protection of electronic books to the Statut Digital online electronic bookstore against copying and illegal distribution.
StarForce Technologies provides StarForce ProActive to LegalSystems to prevent illegal distribution of the solution that is responsible for Bitcoin automatic sales.
The company is developing the functionality of the products and improving their reliability for clients and end-users.
We are glad to present you our new application - StarForce Player, a free multimedia player for playing protected audio and video files. It completely changes the scheme of working with protected files - you install the player only once and then can play any audio/video track or playlist on the device.
French ERDLab has purchased the StarForce solution to protect critical sectors of the source code for the module, which is responsible for access management to digital content.
StarForce Technologies has a chance to present the product portfolio at the Digital Summit at Skolkovo
Are you still thinking about presents for your friends and family members, who are engaged in creative work? Do they write books? Create master classes? Do they conduct trainings? Help them to earn on their vocation - present the SFContent.com certificate for the protection of documents and multimedia content from copying and pirated distribution.
Mikhail Kalinichenko, CEO at StarForce Technologies, is invited to join the jury of the Digital Summit Awards, an annual event to encourage the developers of the best solutions to improve efficiency of companies and state organizations.
Use the copy protection offered by SFContent.com and get an opportunity to win unlimited access to the service for 2018.
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