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News [2014]

Nessos Information Technologies enters StarForce partner network to offer StarForce product family to Greek customers.
StarForce Technologies offers special conditions for new customers to protect MMO games against cheats and bots.
StarForce Technologies, a leading developer of solutions for the protection of digital information and content from unauthorized access and distribution, took part in Runet Prize with Sfletter.com, a new secure cloud email service, in the "Technologies and Innovations" nomination.
StarForce Technologies offers special conditions for new customers to protect MMO games against cheats and bots.
StarForce Disc protects Gazprom Neft's training programs against illegal distribution, use and copying.
Sfletter.com, a secure email service launched by StarForce Technologies, changed the color scheme of its internal interface. The inner zone, where users can check incoming emails, send secure messages and track statistics by opening, now looks like the external pages and brings a new user experience.
StarForce Technologies, a world-renowned developer of software solutions to protect computer games, participates in the main game industry event – the Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI) to be held 2-4 October 2014.
Russian Sfletter.com protects messages and attachments against leakage and unauthorized use.
For Russian audience Sfletter.com starts working today. The service allows to protect messages and attachments against unauthorized distribution and viewing of third parties. The service is currently in beta.
StarForce C++ Obfuscator protects applications developed to provide video services on mobile devices against analysis and modification.
StarForce Content protects SUN InBev corporate electronic documents against leakage and illegal copying.
StarForce Technology is developing a public e-mail service to protect messages and attachments from illegal copying and distribution.
StarForce Technologies has created an obfuscator designed to protect C/C++ source code.
StarForce Technologies has updated StarForce ProActive for Business – a product, designed for application protection in the B2B segment.
SFContent.com provides publishers and corporate customers an easy-to-use tool to protect files and control their distribution over the Internet.
eLearning Developer Summit 2014 is to be held 27 February 2014 in Moscow. At the conference participants are planning to discuss the issues related to the creation and improvement of the educational programs.
German Sales Agency enters StarForce partner network to become a commercial representative of StarForce product family in Germany.
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