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StarForce ProActive

StarForce ProActive

Professional security solution for software distributed on any media as well as online. The tool protects software from unauthorized or illegal use, distribution, commercial replication, private copying, reverse engineering and cracking.

Description StarForce ProActive

StarForce ProActive is recommended for protection of multimedia software, computer games, educational and entertainment applications.

StarForce ProActive is easy to install online using the free Protection Studio tool.

StarForce ProActive comprises a reliable source code protection technology with flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM) features enabling implementation of the following licensing modes:

DemoBest suited to freeware applications such as beta versions, promotional copies, pre-releases etc., this mode allows to limit the functionality of the protected software. | TrialProtected software can be used without activation for a certain period of time. After the trial period expires the protected software will run only if activated. | Try & DieProtected software can be used without activation for a certain period of time. After the trial period expires the protected software will run no longer and cant be activated. | Buy onlyProtected software must be activated to run.

StarForce ProActive features and benefits

  • Sophisticated source code protection technology
  • Fast online installation, directly from customers desk
  • Strip down software functionality based on license type
  • Protect beta versions and promotional copies to prevent unauthorized distribution prior to official software release
  • No software code access required for installation in many cases
  • Protect software patches and add-ons
  • No administrator privileges required to run a protected application
  • Highly informative graphical user interface (GUI) with built-in help
  • Configuration management console for commonly used security features
  • Reliable and flexible binding to computer hardware
  • Different licensing modes
  • Personal web office for serial number management and sales statistics tracking
  • Silent software activation with minimum or no user interaction
  • Change distribution policy on the fly
  • Assign distribution regions
  • Deactivation of licensed software by user prior to porting to another computer, upgrading computer hardware or reinstalling a computer operating system
  • Add Activations Automatically (AAA) technology enables users to invoke an unused activation at any time
  • Offline software activation by phone or mobile texting
  • Technical support

To satisfy different groups of customers StarForce ProActive comes in three flavors

  • Basic
    Low-cost protection for low-priced software products

  • Pro
    Fully customizable protection for all software products

  • Elite
    Maximum protection for all software products

StarForce ProActive editions side by side

  Basic Pro Elite
Protection options
Protection level basic customizable maximum
Code obfuscation
Function protection (export/import) - + +
Extra protection with hidden classes - + +
Protection of unlimited number of files +* + +
Data file protection - + +
Beta version and promotional copy protection + + +
Patch and add-on protection + + +
Functionality stripdown based on license type - + +
GUI customization - + +
Hardware binding customization + + +
StarForce SDK included - + +
DRM options
Available licensing modes Buy Only Demo, Trial, Try&Die, Buy Only Demo, Trial, Try&Die, Buy Only
Licensing options and settings
Serial number expiration date + + +
License start date + + +
License expiration date + + +
License duration + + +
Serial number regional settings + + +
Maximum number of runs setting + + +
Continuous run setting + + +
Periodic license check + + +
Serial number blacklisting + + +
Serial number activation/generation statistics
By date + + +
By product name + + +
By distribution channel + + +
By serial number or batch + + +
Overall statistics + + +
Additional options
GUI customization - +* +
Application deactivation +* +* +
Add Activations Automatically +* +* +
Serial number editing - +* +
Protection integration by StarForce engineers
With code modification by StarForce engineers - +* +*
With code modification by customer - +* +
Without code modification +* +* -
Technical support + + +
Time Limited Hack Proof Warranty - - +

*Additional charges apply

StarForce ProActive implementation graph

StarForce ProActive implementation graph

Supported files formats

  • Standard Win 32/64 executable files
  • Standard Win 32/64 dynamic link library (DLL) files
  • .Net applications
  • Data files if called by protected application files directly
  • Flash applications (executable and data files)
  • Installer applications

* Encrypted and/or packed executable files are not supported.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows Vista 32/64-bit editions
  • Windows Server 32/64-bit editions
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit editions
  • Windows 8 32/64-bit editions

StarForce ProActive system requirements

  • Internet connection (broadband recommended)


We started off using the CD products and progressed to the proactive solution which we use on our downloadable products. Your software has saved us a tremendous amount of money (preventing illegal duplication of our product) over the years and has worked flawlessly.