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Practicum Group
Practicum Group has been consulting and training in the field of corporate sales since 2006. As a result, from the series of the most successful trainings a training course was created. The course was called "PROFESSIONAL: the Seller Training System".
The digital book protection system of the M-Logos online store assumes the use of one serial number to authorize access to an e-book on no more than three devices, which ensures comfortable reading on both a personal computer and on a phone and/or a tablet at the same time.
Dmitry Lapitsky, Licensing Director at ND Games

Established in 1997 and headquartered in Moscow, Russia, Noviy Disk (ND) is the leading developer, publisher and distributor of software and games in the Russian-speaking territories. ND Games, an ND department, is a development and production house established in 2004 to bring innovative and hi-quality products developed internally or by the best studios in the Russian-speaking regions to worldwide markets. We have always sought to promote the use of advanced computer technologies in everyday life and try to give our customers exactly what they need: educational software, online courses, e-learning and development programs for children and, of course, games.

The President of Magnitogorsk State University
Magnitogorsk State University's administration and staff thank you for your work in the area of digital information protection. All issues were resolved clearly and coherently during our cooperation. We had no problems that StarForce wasn’t able to resolve in a timely manner.
Konstantin Kiryakov, CEO at IBIK
We have been working with StarForce Technologies since 2003. Initially we chose this company because of its reputation. Already back then, StarForce protection was recognized as the most reliable for media content- not only in Russia but also on the international markets.
Dmitry Dachevsky, Head of Development of Multimedia Publications at DROFA Publishing House
DROFA Publishing House cooperates with StarForce Technologies from March 1, 2006. Since then, we have protected dozens of training and multimedia applications.
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)
Professionalism, a targeted approach to solving problems, operational work with materials, responsive approach to the customer's needs, quality of workmanship, and a reliable level of protection. It's all about StarForce Technologies.
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for our cooperation and for your support of our university as a modern scientific and educational center, whose operations are aimed to solve challenging tasks assigned by the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation...
Maf Diskettes
Maf Diskettes is one of the leading companies in production and replication of optical disks – CDs and DVDs in Italy and the whole Europe.
Igor Tishin, CEO at Eagle Dynamics.
We used the StarForce solution to protect one of our best games - DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark. This is a PC game featuring the Russian Ka-50 attack helicopter and it is the first title in a new Eagle Dynamics and The Fighter Collection simulation series: Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). Traditionally,...
Some time ago, we began to feel a need to protect our digital telephone directories against copying and illegal use.
Our software suite Seamatica is used to create and present at different types of operation and repair manuals, including catalogs, technical descriptions and instructions in an interactive, digital format. We needed a solution to strongly protect this app against unauthorized copying and other violations...
Dmitri Kirillov, an independent developer
I work as a design engineer and use the AutoCAD and KOMPAS programs in my work. I wrote an application to increase workforce productivity for these programs. First I tested my application in our department and after receiving positive feedback I decided to offer it to a broader audience.
Dmitry Slobodin, Director of Customer Service at TradeSoft
The StarForce product helps us to maintain and in some cases to increase the profit from the sale of our software using modern computer technologies that are resistant to cracking.
The Railway Training Center
The Railway  Training Center was founded more than 65-year ago. Over the years, the Training  Center is focused on the development and publication of training and legal  documentation, textbooks, manuals, albums, posters, video films, computer  training programs,...
Director at BurService Lt
Our company sells drilling equipment. We translate and adapt to local conditions special technical documentation in order to support the sales.
Marc Gregory, President, Pi Logistics, Inc.
In that time we have not received a single report that StarForce Technologies content protection technology has been compromised or of any unauthorized copies of our client's software.
Tonio Rolle, Founder, Owner and CTO CitationWare LLC
On recommendation of a business associate, I contacted StarForce to request an evaluation of SF Corporative. I found the product to be exactly what I was looking for in terms of software protection. However, my interaction with the StarForce team went way beyond the purchase of their excellent product.
Ron Katsuranis, Director, VoiceTeach
Your technology is easy to use and has been very effective.
Terrance F. Taylor, Controller & Treasurer, GameStreamer
We have received excellent service in terms of superior quality StarForce obfuscation/DRM products and 24*7*365 Technical Support that has always promptly responded to all of our requests within a timely manner.
Yuichirou Sumi, Chairman, EdContrive
We would like to thank for the technology of copy protection StarForce has and the outstanding support from you.
Anders Sandstrom, Managing Director, Dicentia AB
You have proven that your products are top of the line and together with a professional attitude and service we can summarize this first year as being an extremely positive experience.
Anthony E. Dallalio, President Certifiable Incorporated
We started off using the CD products and progressed to the proactive solution which we use on our downloadable products. Your software has saved us a tremendous amount of money (preventing illegal duplication of our product) over the years and has worked flawlessly.
Pavel Nechaev, Director of Propaganda, Snowball Studios
We have worked with StarForce nearly two years and all our key products that have been released during this time came with StarForce protection implemented.
Oleg Shpilchevsky, Head of Moscow DevStudio, Mail.ru
Application of technological protection from StarForce was base on worldwide experience of operating and maintenance of huge online universe. We had studies several rival solutions and finally fixed upon StarForce one.
Brandon Billings, developer, Effective Training Inc.
Since 2004, ETI has utilized StarForce to protect our educational software. The CD-R solution was a great fit for our sales model. We've been able protect our intellectual property while still keeping the customer satisfied.
Vladislav Kopysov, Director of IT-department of AutoDealer
We have been cooperating with StarForce to protect developed software for five years. We have never regretted about our choice for all time of our team-work.
Jean Noel, Managing director, Key Solutions
I met with StarForce Team ones a time when I was in Moscow. Our company offers innovative packaging; we produced collector woodpack for such AAA titles as FarCry 2 and Gothic 3, but I’ve always been interested in the process of protection "inside". I was amazed by the DiscFree Technology...
Stanley Alvarado, the President of Latin Computers
StarForce has proven effective in protecting "Computacian Rapida" CD series, the widely recognized computer training course for the Spanish audience. StarForce protection has helped maintained the value of our product.
Andrey Tyagunoff, marketing director Game Factory Interactive
At times I’m perplexed of their working houres – Do these guys ever get some sleep?
Irina Mizrakhi, CEO Russobit Multimedia
StarForce is the best in quality-price ratio.
Andrey Chemlekchiev, Localization department manager Buka Entertainment
We used to utilize StarForce copy protection system and some other analogs. StarForce is more preferable: it is sufficiently reliable and easy to implement and use. Also StarForce offers excellent technical support in cases of serious issues.
Vladimir Korotkov, Head of Technical support department Akella company
Advantages are obvious: protection of our titles helps to compensate costs for licensing and localization. Especially after introduction of StarForce DiscFree technology I can’t point any considerable minuses in usage of StarForce protection.
Lumír Vaněk, Localization Project Manager Cenega Czech
Since 2007 we’v been using the brand new StarForce technology – DiscFree. It allows user to make full-function backup and launch game with out original disc in the drive.
Metaboli France. GAUTIER Cédric, Game Packaging Supervisor
I really thank StarForce team for their efficient and quick reaction on this matter. Thanks to everyone in StarForce that worked around the solution of this issue.
Akella Company, the lead Russian publisher of computer games and other software
We successfully cooperate with StarForce Technologies for 5 year. Almost all our game, education and other multimedia titles exploit StarForce protection
Eleco Visualisation Software
That is exactly why we chose protection technologies from StarForce. Their flexible approach, combined with a competent staff and 24/7 technical support, make StarForce products ideal for the multi-national business of Eleco Visualisation Software.
StarForce solutions will suit the needs of those who are not ready to pay a significant amount of money for additional equipment. Actually every plant is able to prepare a special stamper and produce StarForce protected discs.
Ann Vanhuysse, the Technical Engineer of VTV Belgium
We selected StarForce as one of our copy protection partners due to easy implementation process, flexible technology and 24/7 support assistance.
Amg s.r.l, one of the leader companies in Italy and Europe for DVD-CD
"AmgDisk can run some of the most important Copy Protection Systems - StarForce for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Since 2009, AMGDISK started successful and beneficial cooperation with StarForce Technologies, in order to offer the best service for all customers interested in protection of their ROM content...
An open Letter from Eduard Rojicek, CEO US - ACTION, s.r.o
After such a great experience 90% of our software portfolio was protected with StarForce protection system.
About the advantages of using the StarForce technologies
Starting from 2007 UnionSoft Technologies abandons the use of protection based on hardware keys in favour of StarForce Company and begins implementing a StarForce solution to protect business applications against illegal copying – SF Corporative.
An open letter from Alexander Alexeevich Skvortsov, CEO "Transnavicom" Company
Starting from year 2004, Transnavicom Company started protecting its products with the FrontLine Disc system. Since year 2005, the company implemented the StarForce ProActive protection system that allowed legitimate users to work with the application without using the compact disks.
Novitas Publishing GmbH
During the two years of cooperation with StarForce no significant problems occurred. If some end user had problems with activation, it was instantly determined that the user made a mistake when entering a Serial Number in 99% of cases.
The Sentyabr publishing company
It should be noted that during two years of cooperation with StarForce we never were disappointed in selecting such a reliable partner. Moreover, the speed at which StarForce managers and support engineers reply to our questions, and 100% successful result in solving problems
Biomedical provisioning and consulting
If there were more business partners such as StarForce, our existence would be much easier. With such friends and partners we can conquer new business boundaries.
Voprosy psychologii magazine
Our choice of StarForce was not accidental – the company’s products and solutions have a reputation of the most reliable protection means. We have already made sure this is true in practice. We do not know about any case of unauthorized copying of our discs protected by StarForce.
Scientific Research Institute for information technologies of Moscow State Academy of physical training
We have been cooperating with StarForce for four years already. We made use of the StarForce services when issuing the ‘Voprosy psychologii’ CDs for 15 and 20-year periods, and the ‘Medicines made out of plants’ CD.
LASER CRAFT, the Ural plant producing optical media
Protection developed by StarForce turned out to be simple to install, required no expenses for additional hardware for mastering, while the company itself provided competent, round-the-clock customer support.
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