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Windows 7 is supported by different protection versions

If you have a problem with a protected application, please use the SF Helper utility. It will help you to diagnose the problem and solve it faster.

We are kindly ask end-users to read the following information carefully. It would help you to find the solution much faster.

How to know the protection version is installed for the application I use?

  • Below 3.07.018
    Application will never work under Windows 7.

Users that have an application protected with the version below 3.07.018, should contact an application publisher/developer to get a patch, which will contain newer protection version that supports Windows 7.

StarForce offers FREE re-protection for all the developers and publishers of the programs that utilize version below 3.07.018 to release the appropriate patch. Please contact your sales manager for re-protection and further details.*

  • 3.07.018 – 5.0
    It will work under Windows 7 after driver update.

In case of having difficulties with application launching, you should update driver using SFUPDATE utility or get a patch from an application publisher to make a version of protection system higher.

  • 5.5 - 5.6
    Probably it will be need to do driver update.

According to Windows 7 has been having a lot of updates then, applications protected with 5.5/5.6 builds may not fully support this OS. In case of failure please update the protection driver with protect.exe utility or use a protected program developer's patch to be able to run the protected program in Windows 7.

  • 5.7 and above
    There is no need for any additional actions.

This information is concerned to both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

If the version of protection system supports Windows 7, but you have problems with application launch nevertheless, please contact our support group.


* The offer is valid only for computer games sector, only for non-commercial use and intends for software patches.